INTERVIEW – Dave Hill : Comedy, Phil Anselmo, and His A**

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Interview with Dave Hill - December 2014 Vandala MagazineI got a chance to talk to a personal hero of mine, the King of Metal himself in Texas. Much more shy and re-served than his stage persona might suggest Hill still gave interesting incites onto 
his work with Phil Anselmo and how touring life can hurt your ass
Interview by Matt Bacon 
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So how have you been doing Dave?

Dave: I’ve been doing pretty good. What’s this for by the way, CNN?

Yeah exactly.

Dave: I’m surviving. It’s my last night here, I got here Thursday but I’ve been having a lot of fun. I’m just hanging out. It’s been great. I saw a lot of great bands, good folks, good fun, got to see a lot of friends. Got to meet a lot of nice new people.

You’ve billed yourself as the King of Metal, where did that phraseology come from?

Dave: I just thought of it one day and just went with it. This is unrelated, because I can’t remember which came first, but I had a TV show called King of Miami. I can’t remember which came first, King of Metal or King of Miami. I actually was first the King of Black Metal if you’re familiar with Witch Taint. Now I do those videos with Metal Injection and now we’re doing Metal Grasshopper. Hopefully Phil and I will do some more stuff.

How has Metal Grasshopper been going, how is it working with Phil?

Dave: He’s the best, we actually shot it a while ago… It’s only just coming out. Originally we did it for Adult Swim’s website and then they had a kind of change of the guard. They had something like 10 different series they were supposed to release and then everyone got their footage back. So we got it back and edited it and we’re actually going to screen episode three tonight before Eyehategod. It’s not quite done but it’s good enough to screen. I’m nervous because I never know what people will think. It seems like people have really liked the first two which is nice.

Working with Phil is the best, he’s such a sweet guy and he’s hilarious. It’s a blast. I hope we do more stuff soon. He’s just such a hilarious guy. He’s a big goofball. It’s always really fun. It’s all improvised too, we had an outline but that’s it. It’s just kind of like “This is what we’re doing right now, Phil’s gunna teach me headbanging” We did all this stuff and Phil had a lot of medieval weaponry at his house already so we were able to work that in. It’s fun.

What was it like getting that email asking you to work with Phil?

Dave: It didn’t come about that way. Chris Lee who wrote it with Phil and I, also directed it. I’m friends with Chris and he’s married to Shawn whose from White Zombie. She’s known Phil for years They were showing Phil the King of Metal videos and he was into that. Chris and I were talking like “Oh we should do something with Phil” and he was up for it. I’ve been such a huge fan of Phil’s music with all his bands, there’s so much stuff. Obviously I knew of his stuff for over twenty years. I was talking to a friend yesterday, “It’s funny, when you think back to the first time we saw Pantera over twenty years ago, now you’re making ridiculous videos together!” The first time I saw them was White Zombie and Megadeth in ’91.

How many episodes of Metal Grasshopper do you think you’re going to do?

Dave: There are five or six of them that will come out for now.

Are you hoping for a season two?

Dave: Hopefully we’ll do more episodes or something else. Just us being idiots together. This is fun. I think we’re a good sort of odd couple. We have a lot in common but we’re also pretty different as anyone can see I guess. I’m more of a shy soft spoken type and he’s more of an extrovert. Although I’m an extrovert but I’m also an introvert. He’s a bit of an introvert as well. We’re both very complex figures.

I want you to finish this sentence for me “I’ve never told this story before and probably shouldn’t but…”

Dave: I was thinking about this earlier… I was on tour for like six weeks in Europe. I was having real ass problems from the touring lifestyle. I was doing comedy shows for six weeks. I was having a lot of itchy ass and hemorrhoids and stuff. I’ve never talked about this I just thought I’d give you something.

Go on…

Dave: So I got back to New York and I was at the doctors and I was like “What the f*ck is up with my ass” and they were like “Just clean your asshole” because if you’re on the road you’re eating alcohol, coffee and spicy food which is my three food groups. If you do that on tour night after night your ass is going to take a beating. So they were like “Chill out and take a shower and you’ll be fine” So that’s what I did it worked out.

They didn’t say I was disgusting they were just like “You’re going to hard out there, your ass can’t put up with it” That’s probably a horrible thing that you didn’t want to know, but you asked! Anyone will tell you this, touring is very tough on your asshole. You’re eating and drinking it just somehow is a harder thing to do for your butt.

That’s the only reason it’s hard on your butt?

Dave: For me at least yes. You get Itchy Butt Syndrome. It’s very common with touring musicians or comedians or whatever. Your ass can’t keep up with it all the time. I’ve never talked about that. I’ve told that to only two other people, my brother and my girlfriend. Just know touring can be hard on your butt.

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