Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Acceptance: An Interview from Cheyenne, Wyoming Comic Con

By Chad Thomas Carsten 

The 2017 Cheyenne, Wyoming Comic-Con held at Frontier Park was a great success and it was super awesome of them to book three veteran Power Rangers. The Ranger fans were thoroughly ecstatic! Johnny Yong Bosch (portrayed Adam Park on Power Rangers for 4 seasons and two full-length motion pictures), Steve Cardenas ( portrayed Rocky Desantos for 4 seasons and two full-length motion pictures), and Cerina Vincent (one full season as Maya in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy and two guest appearances in Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue) were extremely kind and generous to every single fan who approached them!

Whenever a fan asked the Eyeshine front man to say a certain phrase from any character portrayed, voiced, the anime legend didn’t hesitate one bit and gave attendees powerful performances from Trigun, Bleach, Wolf’s Rain, Sailor Moon, and even Akira. A little girl about the age of three or four asked her father for an autographed picture of Brock(Johnny’s resume is astonishing!) from Pokemon and Mr. Bosch gave the girl a free autograph. Talk about awesome! Cerina Vincent’s smile is one of those gorgeous smiles that will instantaneously make anyone smile, no matter what type of mood a person is in. She wasn’t shy about the fact that some fans knew her from “Not Another Teen Movie” and fully embraced her role as the nude foreign exchange student. Steve Cardenas (who teaches Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at his own DoJo in California) was extremely blessed to talk to the fans up close and personal. Steve even gave free pictures with some of the die hard Ranger fans.

The Power Ranger Cheyenne Comic Con panel was hilarious!  Media-Relations host, Mike C. Randleman did a great job at keeping the audience entertained, despite not actually growing up with Rangers, he held his own!  The three veteran Power Rangers spoke upon their most awkward scenes, roles they didn’t get, and answered every question to their fullest.  The 25th anniversary of Power Rangers is next year and hopefully, Judd Lynn is behind the script and writes a three-part showdown featuring all the legendary Power Rangers with Ron Wasserman (interview here) composing the music! Here are three quick questions from Mr. Bosch, Mr. Cardenas, and Miss. Vincent.

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment, thus far in your career?

Johnny Yong Bosch: Just being able to stay actively acting I think is my greatest accomplishment, as far as my career. Actually being able to continually have worked because at any moment it can stop. I am very fortunate right now!

Steve Cardenas: It’s definitely going to be Power Rangers for sure. It was the whole process, ya know?! I had never done any acting before. It was the first audition I went to in my entire life and there were about four thousand people at that audition and I beat them all out! That story in itself is pretty incredible. I think that is probably one of my biggest achievements.

Cerina Vincent: I feel like I can’t pick one greatest accomplishment. All collectively together, I’m grateful to still be working. It’s not an easy business to navigate. I’m seriously so grateful for every single role! Every single experience (good or bad) I learn something, every time. If I have to pick one, it has to be what I’m doing right now. I’m living in the moment and right now I’m in Disney Channel’s “Stuck in the Middle” and I play a mom of seven kids, Suzy Diaz. We have amazing writers, amazing producers, and it’s a lot of fun!

If you had to pick one food dish to describe the atmosphere of a Comic-Con, what would it be and why?

Johnny Yong Bosch: One food dish, specifically?  Uh, cobb salad! Because it’s a mix of everything thrown in there, ya know?! But it’s still good! *Laughs*

Steve Cardenas: Oh, man! *pauses for a moment* A chili dog! It’s messy and still a lot of fun! *Laughs*

Cerina Vincent: A food dish?! Wow! *long pause*  I feel like its a big giant south western salad. It’s got like corn, beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and all kinds of different things in it from all kinds of different food groups. I think that’s my answer to illustrate the point of Comic Con and the different people from all walks of life, all kinds of different races, shapes, sizes, ages; we’re all coming together for a really great weekend!

Next year is the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers! If invited by Saban to appear, will you accept the invitation?

Johnny Yong Bosch: If they ask me to come back, most likely I would. But they haven’t, yet. *Laughs*

Steve Cardenas: If they asked to come back I would do it for free! I want to give back to the fans.  It’s not about an amount, its about whether or not they’ll have me come back, but I would most definitely come back!

Cerina Vincent: One hundred percent!!! Saban, if you are reading this, I would accept the offer! I was supposed to come back in the reunion episode, but the show wasn’t union and I couldn’t do it without leaving the union and the union was onto it. But I would love, love to return!

*Note Power Rangers 2017 Reboot is currently available online via DIGITAL HD and the physicalDVD/Blue Ray release is dropping next Tuesday, June, 27th! Please support the official Lionsgate release!

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