From the Vault – Interview with Marzi Montazeri “Dimebag Darrell and Music as a God”

In Honour of the”Randy Rhoads Remembered: Rhoads Across America Tour 2015″ we went in our vault to bring a really great interview from the past to share with Marzi Montazeri. Full tour info HERE. Please note adult content.

 Marzi Montazeri is a truly interesting dude, and a cosmic one at that. Whether he's reflecting about his relation-ship with music or telling a badass story about Dimebag, this guy knows rock and roll inside and out.

By Matt Bacon

So after playing a great gig like tonight how do you feel?
I feel like I’m having déjà vu from Clisson with Hellfest man! I believe what I told you before was that it literally was like everything in the universe was alive. It’s the same with Hellfest where the Illegals played their best show. We were number one. Tonight I feel drunk and happy, you’re here, you travelled a long ways to get here. There’s a lot of people from different states that came here from the horror fest that have come to say hi. That’s made me really happy. Performance wise I think we sucked (Laughter) In Hellfest the Illegals played their best show. Here, with Heavy as Texas no excuses. I got my guys together we practiced one time. They live really far away and couldn’t commit to more. It fell apart a little bit. I got to play a lot of guitar and shit I don’t normally get to do. It’s different and it felt good. It’s good to see everybody, it’s a festival, and a four day one at that, you can’t skip out.

So it’s maybe not necessarily a homecoming but some sort of crowning event?
Absolutely. It’s kind of like a homecoming. We’ve been here before, and I live in Texas and Austin has always been very kind to me, at this particular club too. I have great memories playing here. When they cheer for you they truly mean it.

I was talking to Steve Taylor about it, how has writing the new record with the Illegals been?
We haven’t started writing it but we’ve been moving towards. When the time comes, Phillips a busy man, but I have a few Illegalish riffs and stuff I’ve been working on. Once you hone that energy and create something completely different. Phillip in the end, regardless of what he’s doing he makes it completely different. Seeing what he does from the practice space to the stage is really cool. The gradual progression is really interesting to watch.

So do you feel like you’re just climbing the ladder as a musician?
Absolutely. You never finish paying your dues and you never finish learning. Once you discover something new you really truly do recognize the fact that you should always be thankful. Musicians, artists and whatnot, anything that’s artistic, you get in the zone and then all of the sudden you become a part of it and it’s like “I’m transparent” When I was 12-13 years old I would call up my friends at 2-3 in the morning and say “Dude listen to this!” You find yourself separated from it and you say “God what else is out there?” You watch other guitar players and they open doors for you. Time is short to, death is a factor in life so I try to practice a lot. I try to discover what’s already out in the universe. In this journey that I’ve been having I’ve been purifying myself.

For a long time in my life I would say “Hey I wrote this riff, I wrote that song” But in fact I discovered it, it was already there and I happened to discover it. It’s like a gift and I cherish these guests be it a guitar piece, a song, a riff, or a lyric.

So you’re tapping into a greater cosmic entity?
Absolutely. When you’re two different bands with totally different styles that helps too. Like, Heavy as Texas is very much psychedelic and almost 70s style at times with an old school vibe to it. My guitar tone alone with Heavy as Texas is completely different to the Illegals. It’s a very different thing. I get to explore different entities within this. I like Phillips music because it is very extreme. Heavy as Texas I’m pushing new stuff that I’m coming up with on guitar, but it’s really an homage to the 70s stuff.

Is music kind of a god for you in a way?
Absolutely. It’s a form of meditation. Some people pray, some people meditate. When I pray I get into that zone. It’s this transparent thing that’s very beautiful. I become a part of the universe. I stumble upon it. When I come into it I’m like… “Wow” There are no words that can truly describe those emotions and feelings that go through you. Magical doesn’t describe it. It’s a flow. A universal flow. A sense of oneness with everything. With me personally when I become live I become the instant. My right and left hand are playing together. I don’t its happening. I try to catch something and embellish it. I’m not trying to come up with it, I’m just discovering a new piece of the universe. It’s there, I’m just lucky enough to go get it.

Wait! One more! (Laughter) You didn’t give me a totally good answer to this at Hellfest so I want an answer now. I want you to finish this sentence for me “I’ve never told this story before and probably shouldn’t but…”

I only have dirty sex shit…


Give me dirty sex shit…
Dimebag Darrel and I and a bunch of friends went to Fort Worth for a show. Dimebag wanted us to get drunk and it was awesome. I got so f*cking wasted. So we went back to their house and Vince was passed out. That’s kind of rare because he was usually always the businessman. He would take care of shit and would be sober, everyone else would be crazy. One night Dimebag was insisting we watch this video he shot and he did a cover of The Look by Roxette with his nasally voice. It was funny. He set it up with all this porn shit that was related to it, it was really f*cked up and really f*cking funny. I said “Dime, your mom!” because it was actually her house, Me being Persian I was always afraid of my mom coming out and yelling at me. I had never seen something like that before in my life. In fact, it took me a minute to figure out what was going on. When I saw it corresponding with like the water bottle insertion and stuff I was freaking out. Finally he was like “Don’t worry about my mom man, she’s cool!” Dimebag Darrel rest his soul man, funniest mother*cker I ever knew and the most consistent badass I ever knew. I loved him.

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