Interview – Thrashing in the Free World with Municipal Waste

July 2015 Vandala Magazine - Thrashing in the Free World with Municipal WasteAnother interview at Psycho CA this time with the legendary Municipal Waste possibly the fastest band on the doom fest. We get to talk about partying and thrash and what it means for society as a whole …

Interview By Matt Bacon
From July 2015 Vandala Magazine 

So what is it like being the only thrash band in a doom festival?

Land Phil: It’s really fun, it’s kind of awesome.

Dan: I like some of that stuff too I think it broke up the audience.

You guys have been a thing for like 15 years, you’re known for insane live energy and partying and drinking how do you maintain that?

Tony: I have no idea.

Land Phil: For me it’s all adrenaline. I’ll be tired but if the crowd’s going wild it just makes us go harder. I’ll be hung over and feel terrible but the minute I get up there blood just starts rushing.

Tony: When you do something for so many years it just starts to come naturally!

Dan: I have a high metabolism!

Tony: We’re going to be so sore tomorrow!

Is that going to start being an issue?

Land Phil: Everyone gets old man!

Tony: I’m sure it will be an issue somewhere down the line. That’s when we start doing spoken words albums or acoustic things.

the-fatal-feastIt’s been like 3 years since the last record… have you made any progress on that?

Landphil: We’re taking our time man. We’ve rushed a lot of things, not on purpose but we tour so much and we try to do records between… We’re just taking our time.

You kind of slowed down this year…

Tony: Bands like Lamb of God will always take a year off and shit, meanwhile Municipal Waste is always going, it’s like tour, tour, tour, album, tour, tour, tour, write the next album while on tour, tour again. So we decided to hit the brakes and do other shit.

Land Phil: It’s way healthy! We’ve been doing one offs and it’s just like vacation!

Have you been getting jobs and stuff or just doing other bands?

Land Phil: We’re all in other bands, that’s pretty well known. I just started working for a movie production company and that’s my first job that I’ve had in 12 years. It’s something creative that I wanted to do.

Tony: I sell hot sauce.

Dan: I pour beer at a craft beer bar.

How does being from Richmond help form you guys as a band?

Land Phil: There’s like 4 other people from Richmond too and we’re all in the same bands so…It’s a small town!

Tony: There’s a lot of shit going on there for such a small place.

Land Phil: It’s a creative town and is very art and music oriented.

Tony: He’s very artistic. He does body art.

Landphil: I do body shots mainly.

One thing I found interesting is Municipal Waste kind of started out as imitating thrash legends…

Tony: You could say that about any thrash band… We were just playing something nobody was really playing at the time…
What I’m wondering though is now as you’ve become New Wave Thrash icons…. how does that work?

Land Phil: People can label as whatever they want.

Tony: We were just writing songs we liked.

Land Phil: That’s just something the press will say because they have to call it something you know?

Tony: I just think we’re a f*cking thrash band or a crossover band. I never thought we were new wave or any of this retro bullshit. I get a little worked up when people say that because we had no idea that this shit was going to take off.

Dan: If you put the time into anything then you get the respect later.

Land Phil: We got to meet a lot of our heroes and tour with them and stuff too, like Exodus and Suicidal Tendencies and now we see eye to eye with those guys.

Dan: We got really lucky…

Land Phil: We didn’t realize what was going on, we were just having fun…

What do you think of the people trying to imitate you guys?

Tony: It’s flattering.

Land Phil: It’s better than trying to imitate nu metal which is what was going on at the time, why don’t you try to imitate something that’s a little more intense?

Tony: I think we introduced a lot of people to shit that wasn’t thrash. We got young kids into it and they never would have known. Younger kids didn’t know about those dudes and they helped open the gates.

Land Phil: I was a latecomer to the band and when I did my first tour I saw young kids and older metal dudes and saw that it connected on multiple levels.

Tony: We knew we were doing something right when old guys would come to our shows and be like “F*cking thank you for doing this again!”

Dan: They’d pull their old vests out of the closet, it was good to see that.

Tony: They’d have “Sacred Reich” written in a marker and faded as f*ck written when they were like in middle school.

Dan: We were before the internet, that’s the cool thing about us.

Tony: We were the last band before the internet.

Dan: We’re the last generation who did that I think. I had to look at the backs of records and the thank you list to find out about another band. Now you just click a button and it’s all at the palm of your hand.

What do you love so much about thrash?

Tony: The energy and the positivity of it. I like a lot of darker thrash shit too but I just enjoy the speed and the way people react to it. Everyone reacts differently which is exciting.
Municipal Waste Online

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