March 2016 Vandala Magazine: Slayer, Bobaflex, Josh Ritter, From Ashes to New and More

The snow is melting and the bands are coming out in full force with tours, and new albums. On the cover we had the honour of interviewing Paul Bostaph of Slayer. We chatted about the band their music, for one interesting interview. We also have great interviews with Bobaflex, Starkill, Toothgrinder and a few others. Vandala also attended some spectacular shows like Trivium, Josh Ritter, Blood Sweat and Tears. This plus all our regular features including album reviews, reviews, news, photos and more.   READ HERE FREE

March 2016 Cover Interview:


‘We Don’t Try To Be Loud, We ARE Loud’ An Interview With Paul Bostaph of Slayer

Slayer are the one and only. The princes of darkness, the lords of thrash and the band who will quite literally play the soundtrack to the apocalypse. We got to sit down with their drummer Paul Bostaph and find out more about the explosive force behind the bands trademark rhythms. . Read on Page 52

The Spirit of Rock and Roll with BobaflexMarch 2016 Vandala Magazine Bobaflex Interview

Marty McCoy of Bobaflex is a bonafide rock and roller in the grand old style. We got to sit down and talk about why he loves the genre, and how he seeks to reflect that in his own music. Page 34

Is It A Dream? An Interview with Toothgrinder’s Wills WellerMarch 2016 Vandala Magazine Toothgrinder Interview

The mathematicians and madmen who from Asbury Park, New Jersey’s Toothgrinder have arrived in a big way. After years on the road, Nocturnal Masquerade, their debut full-length has been spinning heads throughout the worlds of rock and metal. Wills Weller as energetic and enthusiastic as you might expect from someone who hits the skins for an act such as Toothgrinder. Page 42

‘I Just Want to be Proud in What I Got to Take Part in Making’ John Kevill of WarbringerMarch 2016 Vandala Magazine Warbringer Interview Dana Zuk Photography

John Kevill has always been a charismatic dude, and a very intelligent one too. Picking his brain about the spirit of metal, what Warbringer really is and what it means to be a performer was a fascinating experience.  Page 60

“Do What You Like” An Interview with Parker Jameson of Starkill
March 2016 Vandala Magazine Starkill Interview

Parker Jameson of Starkill seems to be not fully over the fact that his band is doing so well and touring internationally. One of the most exciting acts out there right now, and Parker, with all his charm makes for a captivating interview. Page 72

Other Highlights

March 2016 Vandala Magazine ContentsAlexisonfire ‘Live At Copps’ (Hardcore/Rock/Indie)
From Ashes To New Day One’ (Rap-Rock/Alternative Metal)
Diiv – Is The Is Are (Rock)
Bloc Party – Hymns (Indie Rock)
Bats Out! – ‘Flying Blind’ (Punk)
Chairlift – ‘Moth’ (Nu Wave/Pop)
Hands of Houses – ‘Dissonants’ (Rock)
Savages – ‘Adore Life’ (Alternative/Rock)
In Rapture ‘Oceans To Arsenic’ (Prog. Metal/Experimental)
Josh Ritter and The Royal City Band Bring Indie American Folk Energy to Hollywood
March 2016 Vandala Trivium Dana Zuk PhotographyTrivium at the Starlite Room, Edmonton, AB
Blood Sweat and Tears Play the Hits at Chumash Casino Resort Santa Ynez
Exmortus Photo Highlights
Fleetwood Mac Fest at the Fonda Theater
Cauldron and Enforcer Photo Highlights
‘There’s Not Enough People Smiling In The World’ Interview with Exmortus
The Way Of Nature With Tengger Cavalry



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