EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere: Sit back And Drift Away With “Giving It Up” by Gold Clubb


Majorleans-Retouched-92-(1)Brooklyn-based, melodic hip-hop-infused indie artist, Gold Clubb, drops new video, “Giving It Up,”  from their upcoming Gold Clubb: The 2-Stroke Mixtape. Gold Clubb, a side project to Francis’ indie rock band, The Majorleans, combines a  singer-songwriter mentality, channeling the energy of some of his favorite hip-hop/R&B vibes and indie grooves, including Lou Reed, Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco and Tame Impala. Francis teamed up with Matt Brandau, a long-standing underground producer and touring bass player who has worked with Ski Beats, Elvis Costello, Camp Lo, among others.  The project is named after one of the infamous Pulaski Highway strip clubs that Francis would sneak into as a teenager in his native Baltimore. When the two united, it was instant chemistry, and Francis quickly laid down the vocals/words that would become Gold Clubb’s upcoming release.

Gold Clubb delivers (yet again) another infectious single and that single is “Giving It Up”. Indie hip­ hop fans will be thoroughly satisfied with the production.  It’s laid back and is the type of song that people will be listening to just so they can drift away in their computer chair and leave behind all their daily stress. The way Gold Clubb is able to present himself lyrically is magical and proves this cat has the skills to keep expanding his music into fresh exciting new territory for many years to come! The visuals inside the video is nothing too extraordinary, but that’s what makes it stand out on its own. Visually, it dives right in via to be straight to the point of who Francis really is as a person. A person that loves to dance and express his emotions of true love and friendship. Overall, this video flawlessly captures the true spirit of the single and will leave fans smiling for days! [Chad Thomas Carsten of Vandala Magazine]

Due out September 16th, the release was mixed by Josh Valleau (Kanye West, John Legend, Snoop Dogg).  Stay tuned for more material from Gold Clubb to come from their debut September release!



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