#TBT Psychopathic Records Take Over Oklahoma City! Live from the Gathering of the Juggalos 2017!

Oklahoma City’s “Lost Lakes Amphitheater” may have been stuck in a hundred and five degrees Fahrenheit heat meshed with an unexpected 1930’s dust bowl setting while the premises became over-saturated with State Police abusing their authority. Local authorities un-shockingly managed to waste thousands of dollars worth of hard earned cash from the Sooner State’s very own people, because they’re government believed in a false FBI gang label that produced utterly pointless fear against the peaceful Juggalo culture. The Juggalos dealt with illegal searches within their tents and were followed constantly by undercovers when the culture as a whole were simply trying to escape their everyday stress with their friends and family by soaking up the positive atmosphere among them. But despite all the odds against the Insane Clown Posse and their beloved dedicated fans, Psychopathic Records still managed (rather professionally) to put on one hell of a successful four day weekend musical spectacle that will be discussed among music fans deep in the south and beyond for years to come! The label that runs beneath the street truthfully beamed in 17 by never giving up, remaining positive, and just kept on rolling with the musical punches across the whole entire underground event. Even the owners of Lost Lakes were impressed with all the magicalness that occurred and were proud to have the Juggalos invade Oklahoma City.

Before we list our top underground performances. Here are a few honorable mentions.

Green Jellÿ: The live punk rock puppet masterpiece had the entire audience left speechless and moshing till they were nearly dead! Frontman William Manspeaker knows how to properly display musical art to the fullest and every Green Jelly track performed had fans nearly shitting themselves from the tracks handsomely chaotic bone crunching punk rock tones!

Murder Musick: Playboy The Beast’s very own Murder Musick delivered a passionate set that left hip-hop heads chanting for more! It was as if Murder Musick roster was playing during an arena tour with how much energy that spewed out from each bar every emcee displayed! Legion, Ztarve, Madd Maxxx, and Emce Damage were the main heavy hitters and proved that no matter how many people are watching you, you’re still required to sweep people off their feet and leave them breathless and that’s exactly what those four did!

The Monster Dolls: Their stage show will rigorously send chills up your spines, almost leaving you paralyzed with how much effort and talent they display when dancing in front of thousands. The dancing is perfectly in sync and it’s guaranteed you’ll be thinking about The Monster Dolls for years to come upon first seeing them live!

Native World Inc.: Detroit’s own Anybody Killa’s greatest accomplishment (in our opinion) was founding Native World Inc and signing one of a kind extremely talented emcee’s throughout the states! The rosters live performance show-cased displayed nothing but pure fire bars that hit like an AK-47 straight to the dome! Flagrant Musick, Freddy Grimes, and Mr. Y.U.G. were arguably the main highlights and had the Juggalos screaming for more! Incredible!

Here are Vandala Magazines Top 8 underground performances inside Gathering of the Juggalos 2017

Kevin Gill

Number 8: Kevin Gill – All the JCW Wrestlers displayed top notch skills and arguably showcased more energy than the current roster of the WWE. All the wrestlers inside the ring (located in front of the diamond stage) gave it their one-hundred percent best and had the audience unable to close their mouths throughout all the matches due to the shock of witnessing all the bad ass dangerous stunts that were near impossible to perform, but the JCW league proved nothing is impossible when you put your mind to it! Especially in the ring! The major highlight of JCW was surprisingly not a wrestler, but none other than sports commentator Kevin Gill. Kevin’s performance as a commentator host is beyond witty and can make any event he’s hosting becoming an even bigger behemoth of an event thanks to his clever, well-worded, gut busting performance. Mr. Gill’s east-coast delivery found deep within his commentary is bound to leave listeners inspired and reaching inside their own mighty souls to achieve the goal of becoming a better person in today’s f*cked up society.

Number 7: September Mourning – September Mourning’s metal induced theatrical stage show upon the Red Moon Stage was undoubtedly drop dead gorgeous! The band absolutely knows how to capture the musical souls of attendee’s with their unique comic book originality that instantaneously leaves concert goers breathless! The band contains a level of excitement so beautifully crafted when performing; you may even shed tears of joy throughout the melodic metal mayhem! Front Woman September stage presence is frightening, yet has a way to make listeners feel astonishingly more alive than ever before!

September Mourning

Number 6: Cage –  New York hip-hop legend conquered the Diamond Stage with his brilliant giallo slasher wordplay that could very well cause any of today’s rappers to retire upon first listening to any of Cage’s bars. The east-coast icon’s rhyme schemes are just that sophisticated! The Juggalos watching were in awe the whole time and went complete apeshit when Cage delivered a flawless performance of his signature underground cult hit “Agent Orange”. The audience started chanting “Family” after witnessing Agent Orange live for the first time. Stunning indeed! This performance proves Cage needs to come back to the Gathering of the Juggalos extremely soon!

Number 5: Pak Man (drummer) of Kissing Candice – New York’s underground horror metal titans Kissing Candice brought forth an intense marvelous masked stage show. But somehow the member that plausibly stood out the most when every member of Kissing Candice effectively conquered the Diamond Stage, was their super talented drummer Pak Man. Pak had this special musical aura surrounding him that could literally be felt across the entire outside amphitheater during their Lucio Fulci inspired performance. Mr. Pak’s confidence level gleamed beyond his sinister Crow mask so powerfully, it just grab hold of listeners by their musical hearts, as if the confidence inside the drummer’s passionate performance transferred to the fans watching and gave them a sense of purpose to be alive! Affirmatively mind melting!

St1tch Mushromhead

Number 4: ST1TCH (water drummer/turntables) of Mushroomhead – Ohio’s Mushroomhead always delivers an epic “punch to your gut till you cough up blood” stage show every time they play live! But when ST1TCH starts water drumming be prepared to become soaked in fluorescent water flinging about and let your metal roots soar high in the sky because ST1TCH’s energy on stage may leave listeners battered and bruised, but they’ll happily accept being completely left in a coma of amazement after witnessing ST1TCH nearly burn down the Diamond Stage thanks to his live metal ass kicking!

Number 3: Insane Poetry – Starting in 1988, Insane Poetry headlined the Red Moon Stage and had the audience gasping for more air when his originality (contained within the horrorcore legends violent art) somehow stabbed through their throats from the sharpness of the emcee’s grave yard raps. Insane Poetry immediately turned into this beast of a rapper on stage like a werewolf looking at the full moon for the first time and just straight up slaughtered every verse he dropped! What made Insane Poetry’s creep show such a horror movie delight was the sheer fact the microphone fiend performed his new record “Snuff Reels: The Directors’ Cut” entirely and left concert goers drooling for more horror long after his set was finished!

Hazin R.A. The Rugged Man

Number 2: R.A. The Rugged Man – East Coast underground legend R.A. The Rugged Man devoured the Red Moon Stage with his genius wordplay and had fans nearly bursting into seizures from his wild, heart thumping, and brain trauma induced stage presence. He was grinning like Uncle Fester from Adam’s Family when smashing watermelons with an ax, delivered his best performance of “Uncommon Valor”, and had the crowd roaring so loud, life on other planets could possibly hear the exciting commotion! But just when R.A. was just getting warmed up to leave permanent hip-hop scars, city officials cut the power in the middle of his set due to an unknown restricted sound ordinance. R.A. was heartbroken and wanted to give Juggalos the best hip-hop performance known to mankind, but the staleness behind the powers that be wouldn’t allow it. Instead of walking off the stage, the rugged emcee kept rapping with no power through a bull horn and delivered a flawless victory against city officials. Please come back to gather next year, R.A.! The Juggalos loved you beyond their warm-filled Juggalo hearts!

Number 1: Insane Clown Posse’s The Wraith – This live set from the wicked clowns was extraordinarily magical. No words could even begin to describe how truly powerful The Wraith is when performed live! The Detroit duo gave it their one-hundred percent best and had concert goers weeping in joy! The smiles upon the Juggalos faces during this godly set could very-well make full grown adults cry; that’s how astounding and emotional it was to witness all the Juggalos smiling till their cheeks became numb like a shot of Novocain throughout the entire legendary performance. The major highlight was during the Faygo Armageddon finale when ICP invited hundreds upon hundreds on stage to help spray Faygo all over the place! The soaked Juggalos were supremely happy to be soaked in Faygo and walked away completely satisfied beyond belief from their Detroit hero’s mad talents. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope deserve every bit of success they’ve achieved since first starting out nearly thirty years ago and their live performance of The Wraith further proves the clown’s will simply never die! Nuff said!


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