High Rotation – Editors Picks “Rollin’ and Chillin’ With The Music”

Review By Crystal Lee 

This past month has been a whirlwind of chaos – 95% all good but one needs to breath and what better way is than to hit play and play some amazing music. Also this month I have been what some call genre jumping but one thing that is consistent is that the artists are amazing. Yes I reviewed Royal Bliss and their latest album is on super high rotation but there are many other songs that made it on the list this month.

“Long distance Runners”.There is a small label “Birds will Sing for you” over in Sweden that over the last few years has been sending us  some really talented artists. One being  “Long distance Runners”   One song that caught my attention was “Can’t Breath.” This coming after a hectic week of staff being sick with the flu and then myself  on the mend from high fevers and still working long hours. I plugged in this song to take a listen next thing I knew,  I was by the fire place looking out on my  lake view with a nice stiff drink. Some songs get you going while some bring you down to enjoy the moment. To be honest I have not just sat and looked out at the lake in months. What made it even better was both pairs of Eagles (Bald and Golden) were flying around. It was a moment of perfection with their vocals.

The amazing part about music is it brings emotions out and they may not have anything to do with the lyrics. Christoffer Englund voice is smooth and poetic, along with a graceful piano brought calmness and yes first listen I only caught the chorus. For me it was reflection and this is a perfect song to get one to relax. Closer look it is a very passionate song about not being able to breathe without someone being there and how it is torture yet this song can be personal in many different ways.

Right after came the song “Rolling Stone” by Reuben and the Dark which was a round off to my relaxation time. This is a song one can imagine being played in an old western movie or even a modern mafia movie. Parts of the song are reminiscent of Frankie Lane (Google this legend) but this group made the style modern, beautiful and just so easy to listen to. Most of all I felt like I was back on the country road driving in the summer through fields of gold while I am looking out at cold white caps on the lake and snow falling!

young planetOne more mention that must be shared is by a talented Hip Hop duo. I avoid writing about hip hop and rap since I sound very funny and out of place but going to give it a shot and had to mention Night Life by Young Planet. On the album “New Fast Automatic” there are many great songs yet this one grabbed me. Lyrics that means something blended with guitar, synth add in a beautiful chorus and MC skills.

Long Distance Runners – www.facebook.com/ldrsthlm

Reuben and the Dark www.reubenandthedark.com

Young Planet (FREE DOWNLOAD) www.spinyoungplanet.com


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