Album Cover Feature – Tame Impala “Innerspeaker” (Psychedelic Rock)

Tame Impala “Innerspeaker”Ever since the release of Innerspeaker in 2011, Tame Impala’s musical journey, and progress has skyrocketed into success with sold out shows all over the world, in addition landing the song, Elephant from their latest album on a TV commercial for the new Blackberry. This breakthrough success is a great example of how working at achieving a certain, vivid vision can take you to the greatest heights. Perhaps what makes this impeccable focus possible is the fact that Tame Impala’s music is written, produced, played and recorded by one man, Kevin Parker, the frontman.

Their beautifully nostalgic sound is sonically executed perfectly on Innerspeaker. From how the overdriven guitar tone breaks up in a perfectly saturated, warm, but crunchy way to how the drums sound like they are being squeezed harshly, but tastefully out of a vintage compressor, the overall feel when listening is sheer retro bliss. In fact, it would be hard to convince someone new to the band that this album was made after the 70’s.

The gluey, lush amalgamation of affected guitars, vocals and drums is created by dense compression, which gives off a wavering effect of the overall mix as if each instrument is trying to overcome each other, fighting for its dominance in a playful, energetic, dancy way, spewing crash hits, and flanged out guitars like a cherub fountain.

The album cover conveys the same aesthetic. It’s vibrant, and full of life. The immense tunnel vision represents Kevin Parker’s strong sense of musical focus for the band’s sound. The wavering sky either represents the overall production tone, or travelling back in time much like the retro, psychedelic vibe of Innerspeaker. The high contrast image is clearly reminiscent of the psychedelic rock culture in the 60’s and 70’s. If looked at in a literal way, it looks like a speaker, helping to visualize the sound.

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– Review By Bag


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