Review: Kissing Candice Single – Taken (Horror/Metal)

kissing-candice-photo-by-jeremy-safferBy Chad Thomas Carsten – 4/5 Dragons

Horror metal titans Kissing Candice are continuously evolving as a band. Their single “Taken” is pleasant change of pace for the band musically. Their die hard fans should be delighted by the sheer fact that the Long Island, New York natives have stepped outside their normal boundaries and are brave enough to expand their genius sounds by exploring more of their musical roots. It also further proves Kissing Candice are just getting started and the band has plenty of life left within their career. These guys aren’t going away anytime soon. “Taken” is a mixture of electronica, brain trauma induced metallic riffs, stunning clean vocals, and gut wrenching growls that will have fans screaming a long until their vocal cords blow out!

The lyrics are beautifully haunting. So haunting in fact ghosts are bound to start haunting your speakers after just one listen! Frontman Joey Simpson is a gifted vocalist and knows how to deliver pure terror through the microphone flawlessly and knows how to bring the terror with his growls Dreamer’s cleans are absolutely infectious, but at the same time so powerful that it just immediately sparks confidence inside anyone who listens to Kissing Candice and makes them want to get up and do something with their lives. That’s exactly what the vocals inside “Taken” do! The creators and producers of American Horror Story are missing out on a great opportunity to include this single in an episode. It would be a great addition! Better yet, they should also include all of Kissing Candice in a full episode that involves a plot strictly about the band! Above all, Victory Records should be honored to have this kick ass band on their label!


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