Album Cover Feature – Catching Flies “The Stars EP”

Catching Flies  “The Stars EP” (Electronic, Chillout, Trip Hop) There is no better way to get your point across quicker in music than with artwork, it’s like the red candy coating on your candy apple; a catalyst, and sometimes the main reason why someone would eat that apple in the first place.

Catching Flies is a young producer from the UK making beat centric chillout electronic music. In a genre filled with similar vibes, Catching Flies separates himself from the rest by incorporating, and sampling eclectic instrumentation, creating beautiful passages, moods driven by unconventional instruments as a feature rather than the usual dismissive lick passing by as most other producers would do these days. Due to the dreamy nature of his music, the word “spacey” is sure to come to mind when zoning out to his latest release, Stars EP.

As the anime-esque cover suggests, it’s a voyage through space. Time passing is stated by the cinematic screen capture aesthetic, like a scene, snapshot of a movie. The high tech space travel machine is clearly fantasy, sci-fi, and of the future as is the nature of the music. Although it has traditional elements like the saxophone, the beats and overall production on the other hand is stylistically very futuristic and forward thinking.

The cartoon imagery suggests that Catching Flies is an animated guy. While obviously taking the process of making art seriously, maybe not taking himself as seriously, which is a great characteristic a person can possess. Soft whooshy pads, warm textures, vast ambient atmospheres are all represented by the haziness of the image, and also the jet streams, space particles flying, surrounding the machine.

To supplement the space idea, of course the EP is called The Stars, and also Coldplay’s Yellow is sampled on his title track singing, “look at the stars, look how they shine for you,” a snug fit.

Catching Flies  Online – and

– Review by Bag


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