10 Bands You should Be Checking Out that are Not on Mainstream Radio

Thee TsunamisBy Michael Smith

There are many lists of bands out there and some of our favorites are bands that you won’t hear on regular/mainstream radio. It’s the best place to find bands that one should check out. One of our favorite lists is by John Benson who had a wonderful list “5 Awesome Bands You Won’t Hear on the Radio” (bottom list) and so we thought we would make one of our own that is a little lighter as well as share his.

5 Bands You won’t Hear on Regular Radio by Michael Smith

Thee Tsunamis: Garage Punk group, with a nostalgic sound reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s, along with an attitude and feel typically reserved for a John Waters film.

Psychic Baos: Loud, dirty, Lo-Fi, and Rock n’ Roll at its absolute purest form. They will make you want to dance, drink beer, and have fun on a Friday night, or any night.

Yung Life: Throwback New Wave music in the style of Human League and New Order. The is a sense of innocence and romance in there sound, that ranges all sorts of moods.

Shannon And The Clams: Combining elements of Garage, Doo Wop, Surf, Punk and many others this band creates unique sound and playfulness that is getting them noticed more and more.

Lust For Youth:Dark and mysterious Synth band that has evolved themselves into one of the better electro acts in the world.

5 Bands You won’t Hear on Regular Radio  by John Benson (Read full article and list here)

Faith No More – Sol Invictus: A quarter of a decade has passed since Mike Patton and company briefly garnered national attention with hit single “Epic,” but there’s still a good chance you’ve never heard of – or anything by – the band that inspired and influenced the likes of Nirvana, Metallica, and Alice in Chains. Sol Invictus is Faith No More’s first new album in 18 years. Its discordant rhythms, oddball time signatures, and unique songwriting are bound to satisfy old fans while attracting a new generation of experimental rock listeners.

Silverstein – I Am Alive In Everything I Touch: Warped Tour veterans Silverstein are back with their eighth studio effort, I Am Alive In Everything I Touch, which finds the hardcore outfit screaming and singing in familiar fashion. The latter is definitely a compliment. Silverstein’s lack of radio airplay stems from their steadfast approach that hasn’t waned in 15 years.

Tech N9ne – Special Effects: Rapper Tech N9ne enjoys a healthy-sized cult audience that is eating up his latest album, Special Effects. It features guest appearances by everyone from Corey Taylor and B.o.B to Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, T.I., and Eminem, yet the horrorcore specialist innovator still isn’t getting radio play. Don’t let that stop you from.

The Sun Explodes – The Calm, The Storm: Relatively new on the North American scene, U.K. progressive metal band The Sun Explodes is teasing head-banging audiences with their new five-track EP, The Calm, The Storm, which bounces between heavy and aggressive to tender and even (gasp!) melodic. The quintet offers a fresh sound to the tired metal world. 

Arcturus – Arcturian – Any metal fan will tell you the real-deal can be heard across the pond in Europe. Take Arcturus for instance. The Scandinavian supergroup is back with new album Arcturian,which further explores the nuances of Norwegian metal. Specifically, there’s an accessibility heard on the new album that will open the eyes (and ears) of stateside metal fans unfamiliar with the underrated Arcturus.

So there you go, five awesome bands you won’t hear on the radio. Now put your headphones in, shut out the world, and give them the attention they deserve!


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