Review: Eric 13 Single: Chainsaw Your Face (I Wanna) (Rock/Metal)

Photo Credit: Michelle Willis – Eric 13 Live in Colorado

By Chad Thomas Carsten – Rating: 4 out of 5 Dragons

Are you an obsessed horror movie fanatic that also craves retro 80’s Metal love ballads and you’re also currently going through a break up and possibly in need of kick-ass music to help cope with your heart being ripped in half by a recent significant other?! Then Eric 13’s heartbreaking Evil Dead meets Dokken ex-lover, rocker anthem “Chainsaw Your Face (I Wanna)” is indubitably the track for you! With the way, Eric 13 displays his well-crafted clean vocals over Angus Young style riffage meshed with a hint of a 1990’s industrial garage production, brings forth a track that is guaranteed to stay inside any listeners head for months on end thanks, Eric 13’s powerful voice!

The lyrics are simple, yet it captures the emotion of watching a person’s heartbeat in front of your face after their lover slashed it out of their chest, as if they were inside the classic Jamie Lee Curtis horror film “Prom Night”, flawlessly. It’s straight to the lyrical point, works efficiently, and further demonstrates that the Combichrist axe man has an astonishing solo career that shouldn’t be slept on by any fans of heavy metal, industrial, and especially Combichrist fans (who will be drooling for more Eric 13 after the single is on repeat over and over till their ears bleed!) worldwide!

Also, Bruce Campbell and the production team behind Ash VS Evil Dead need take notice of this beastly track and Eric 13’s career because a Valentine’s Day horror masterpiece like “Chainsaw Your Face (I Wanna)” would exquisitely fit inside a scene containing a barely alive Ash cutting up three Deadite’s back to back with his Chainsaw arm, while riding a Harley motorcycle top speed within a traffic filled highway, like a Tetris piece fitting beautifully inside a puzzle piece last minute, nearly at game over,and the player manages to pull off a triple combo, defeating the game!
Eric 13 Devil’s Highway Single.

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