On The Spot Documentary Review – “The Clash – The Rise and Fall of The Clash (DVD)”

The Clash - The Rise and Fall of The Clash (DVD)

Review By Dustin Griffin – 4/5 Dragons

There are no shortage of Clash documentaries out there. Some focus solely on the music and the legacy. Others, like this one, are more concerned with the drama that forced the band to implode in 1986, after losing two of its key members. What sets The Rise and Fall of The Clash apart from other films on this subject is that it focuses almost exclusively on the drama. It breezes over the legacy of the band, the legendary albums they released and what made The Clash ‘the only band that mattered’ for nearly a decade. It also focuses more on the mid-80’s Cut The Crap era than any other Clash film I’ve seen. And features interviews with the rarely heard from Clash lineup post-Mick Jones.

The Rise and Fall of The Clash can admittedly feel like a one sided affair, considering that the only original band member who is interviewed and has his say on camera is Mick Jones. I think it perhaps says something about the goal of the film that neither Paul Simonen, or Topper Headon had any involvement. It’s enlightening though. As someone who has read about all there is to read and seen all there is to see on The Clash, to watch something on the band and learn something new is pretty impressive. Definitely worth checking out. https://www.facebook.com/theriseandfalloftheclash and http://www.theclash.com


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