Exclusive Premiere: Quin Galavis – “Bleed With Me” From New Album Out June 16th

Austin, TX songwriter Quin Galavis returns this summer with the followup to 2016’s album-of-the-year topping epic My Life In Steel and Concrete, the more refined yet lyrically weighty, The Battery Line.

Quin Galavis has built a strong reputation for producing a variety of high quality music via acclaimed bands including Nazi Gold and The Dead Space, and through his previous solo work. Unpredictable and experimental from record to record and from live performance to live performance, Quin Galavis continues to challenge himself and his audience to reconsider and subvert what it means to be an artist and musician.

“Bleed with Me” is  a psychedelic tear jerking folk rock adventure. A  track that will assuredly take listeners on a spirited journey through the afterlife of  Rock ‘n’ Roll emotional greatness, right when the first note hits.  Seriously, die-hard music fans are in for one hell of a musical drug. Side effects include smiling ear to ear endlessly thanks to the genius lyrics.  It would be as if you were somehow trapped in a 1930’s Max Fleischer cartoon and your the lead animated character that never stops smiling, causing your cheeks to non-stop continuously stretch while humming away to Quin Galavis sexy voice through a field of fully living singing dandelions, who are reciting Mr. Galavis lyrics.  “Bleed with Me” proves The Battery Line is destined to become a rock masterpiece remembered for centuries, maybe even beyond space and time.”  – Chad Thomas Carsten of Vandala Magazine

The Battery Line was recorded with Aaron Blount (Knife in the Water) & John Michael Landon at Austin’s Estuary Recording Facility. The album’s powerful, expressive and hook-laden songs show that Galavis isn’t beholden to the dark avant rock of his previous album. Catchy riffs and quasi power pop moments give the album a lifting spirit. Ten songs of heart & guts, the new album comes out on 16 June 2017 via Super Secret Records.

The Battery Line will be available on LP, CD and download on June 16th via Super Secret Records.

Quin Galavis – My The Battery Line
Label: Super Secret Records
Release date: June 16th, 2017

01. Garden Wall
02. No Return
03. Any Head
04. Paul’s Phone is Dead
05. Bleed With Me
06. Faces in the Crowd
07. Guiding Light
08. Question
09. Please Plead
10. We Are Good Here


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