Electronic Pop Group “The Precautions” Release Music Video ‘Mine’

The Precautions is an electronic pop band made up of four Sydney musicians, songwriters and producers who in this album have achieved a sound that possesses a universal appeal driven by pure passion for all things pop music.  Their forthcoming brand new debut album Free World  journey starts  with the release of the lead single Mine. Think Maroon 5 meets Bruno Mars and bumps into Rihanna, with a hint of Sia, and that is an introduction to the irresistible original pop sound of Mine.

Written by Mary Paras in Sydney and Los Angeles, and recorded and produced by Mary Paras, Tee Hawke and Liam Quinn in the creative hubs of Sydney, with mastering completed by Chris Gehringer of Sterling Sound in New York, USA, it’s no wonder Mine feels like it has been around the world and back. Modern and edgy with a clear commitment to classic pop songwriting, Mine is one of Paras’ purely autobiographical electronic pop delights designed to invite you to immerse yourself in the world of The Precautions for a few blissful and rhythmic minutes.

Toes will tap, heads will nod and bodies will unavoidably move along with Mine’s Reggaeton Pop feel and angular melodic weaving. Hit the chorus and we are drawn in with Paras’ backing vocals stack which are lush and sweet, but cool and understated, perfectly suiting the laid back summer island feel of the track. As it plays, Mine also reveals Paras’ vulnerability but blunt reflection on the naïve ideals of relationships.

A tropical feel with depth of lyric and the magic combination of strength and vulnerability in the one song is rare, but The Precautions manage to achieve a sound in this track that is universally appealing and which draws you in to it’s hypnotising pop hooks. And there are plenty to go around.

The lead single Mine from the forthcoming album Free World by The Precautions is scheduled for release on 21 July 2017



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