Album Review: Pop Evil “S/T” (Rock)

It’s no secret that I am a Pop Evil fan and of course, when the new album comes out I am on top of it and their Self Titled album was no different.

I was already excited when I heard “Walking the Lions” and fell in love with the track…..

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Album Review: Bobaflex “Eloquent Demons”(Rock) + UPCOMING TOUR DATES and ALBUM STREAM

If you’re looking for a polite and none offensive band move on to the next review. Bobaflex continues to be in your face with their hard-hitting rock songs telling you what they feel and think and most of all say what we all want say at times. This is the band that brought you “I’m Glad your Dead” after all.

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Special Feature: The Ten Best Albums of 2017 by Female Artists

I realized when looking over my list of the ten best albums of 2017 that they were all by male artists. I found that strange given how many amazing albums came out this past year by female artists. For fun, I expanded my list to twenty and, not surprisingly, eight of the next ten best albums were by female artists. What I like about the albums on that list is how much more diverse they are than my first ten, which is mostly hip hop.

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Fall/Winter 2017 Vandala Magazine: Talib Kweli, Frank Turner, Freeze, and more

What a year and we are ending with an amazing issue. Firstly we are very proud to end the year with Talib Kweli cover who gives Vandala an insightful and […]

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Album Review: Curtis Harding – “Face Your Fear” + Album Stream

Curtis Mayfield. Sam Cooke. Al Green. James Brown. And then there’s Leon Bridges, Benjamin Booker, JD McPherson, Jack White and The James Hunter Six. This is the lineage, past and present, to which Curtis Harding belongs. Funk, soul, classic R&B. The music pays tribute to hey-day Stax records, the swinging 60’s and the free love 70’s, in equal measure.

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Listen Up! Review of Served Like a Girl Soundtrack feat. Pink, Gwen Stefani and Christina Aquilera.

On the surface, this is a star-studded soundtrack to a documentary that sheds light on the resilience of female veterans who have been wounded in the line of duty. On another level, it’s a megaphone for the voices of the women in the film, allowing them to reach an audience that might otherwise not hear them.

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