Album Review: Barb Wire Dolls “Rub My Mind” (Punk/Grunge) + Album Stream

By Chad Thomas Carsten – 4.5/5 Dragons

Hailing from Greece! Barb Wire Dolls keep pushing beyond any form of limitations and “Rub My Mind” further proves bands fronted by woman should never be underestimated! Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead is guaranteed to be looking down from rock ‘n’ roll heaven grinning ear to ear in absolute joy due to the punk rock originality contained inside the riffage from this 2017 masterpiece! Each riff will grab hold of anyone who dares listens by their musical soul and drag them through mosh pit paradise, until their face is bloody and bruised, but leaving new fans feeling more alive than ever! They’re that beautifully crafted, indeed!

And just when naysayers were questioning if it was going to be possible for front-woman Isis Queen to top her vocal range on 2016’s “Desperate”, in comes the greatest punk rock anthem heard within the last fifteen years, “We Are Champions”, roaring like a female Super Saiyan army backed with the force of a thousand fists, each female warrior capable of achieving god tier power to kick some punk rock justice ass and effectively end all wars worldwide. Isis Queen’s vocals on this beast of a track is just awe-inspiring and could very well send chills up Joan Jett’s own spine! “Where The Mountains Drink The Wine” deserves a music video.The storytelling is so damn detailed, you can close your eyes and picture everything occurring throughout the entire song. This type of vocal range is bound to take first time listeners on their own spiritual musical journey into the mountains, allowing them escape their personal stress for years to come.

“Rub My Mind” Is OUT NOW and is available now from the following links:


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