Interview – Sludging It Up with Lord Dying

Crowbar worshippers through and through Lord Dying are some wonderfully messed up dudes. Understanding their music and tattoos took some searching, but in the end it paid off. Interview By […]

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Album Review: Born Gold “No Sorrow” (Pop/Alternative)

The product of Canadian songwriter Cecil Frena, No Sorrow is a brilliant venture taken by one of the true north strong and frees favorite indie pop artists. Well-paced and fascinating, it made for an extremely pleasant 20 minutes. With sprightly electronics and vocals that could charm anybody… […]

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Album Review – Banditos “Banditos” (Tonk / Rock n’ Roll)

The fact that Banditos hail from Nashville, Tennessee (they are originally from Atlanta) already gives them a badge of authenticity that every band who doesn’t set up camp in that musical history-rich city is lacking. The fact that they play a compendium of music […]

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