Interview – Sludging It Up with Lord Dying

July 2015 Vandala Magazine Sludging It Up with Lord DyingCrowbar worshippers through and through Lord Dying are some wonderfully messed up dudes. Understanding their music and tattoos took some searching, but in the end it paid off.

Interview By Matt Bacon
From July 2015 Vandala Magazine 

How do you feel after playing a great show like tonight?

Erik: Great!

Chris: I like some of that stuff too I think it broke up the audience. It was fantastic. The crowd was really into it and it was one of the best sounding stages that we’ve played on this tour so far.

Erik: It seemed like everybody enjoyed it too.

Chris: We got a great crowd response and people feeding on it.

Nickolis: Pretty Great

I loved the rock and roll ethos that it seemed to have…

Erik: It’s all about the riffs ya know? There was a little bit of riff worship going on

In terms of stage presence where does the energy come from?

Nickolis: It’s just playing rock music!

Erik: In order to give it 110% it requires a little bit of energy drinks and a lot of water. When you’re playing heavy you’ve got to turn it up. That’s part of what gives us energy. The crowd getting into it helps too.

Nickolis: When the crowd gets into it things can get really crazy. I’ve always just rocked out whether it’s 5, 10 or a thousand people. You’ve always got to rock out no matter how big or how small. That’s what music is, giving all you got.

So it’s catharsis through volume?

Nickolis: Pretty much.

So it’s essentially a spiritual trip?

Nickolis: To me it is. Even playing live or drums in general I’ve based everything on my performance. To me drums is more of a physical sort of activity. You have to be physical with your performance all around. Everything else just gets really physical in one set.

Chris I can’t help but notice your Freemason tattoo, tell me about that

Chris: We were on our last tour and we all went to get tattoos and I was planning to get one and I had just watched a cult movie about Freemasons so I was like “Let’s do it!” I like that kind of imagery, I like the mystery and the stuff like that.

To what extent does the Illuminati affect your music?

{laughter} Nickolis: People express all sorts of BS like that… people say certain riffs express secrets through the music. The whole thing is stupid but when people see a triangle with an eye in the middle they automatically say ‘they’re watching us’

Just play rock and roll, drink water and don’t give a f*ck!

So Nik, you’re the only member of the band who isn’t from Oregon, how did you come to be in the band?

Nickolis: I had a friend who played in Anti-Mortem and they were a band from Nuclear Blast. They recently broke up and their guitarist Zayne Smith is from Oklahoma. We met at the NAMM convention in January and we decided to start a project. Me and him have always been good friends and jam partners and one day he got a call from Lord Dying’s manager and he said he wasn’t super interested but I always told him I always love playing with anybody and playing new things so I gave the manager a call and he sent me out here!

What’s it like being in a band where you can’t play one offs?

Chris: We’ll see! This is his first tour with us. We’re kind of getting to where we can’t play locally that much because we tour so much. Our drummer who was playing with us before can’t tour with us because his girlfriends pregnant but if he had too I’m sure he could do a few one offs.

I saw the TCBT tattoo Chris… can I ask about that or is it too soon?

Chris: Athon was a friend of ours… We met did an American tour with Red Fang and Black Tusk back in 2012. We kept in touch. We were on tour, found out what happened and all went out and got these. It was sad… really sad.

Now on a totally opposite note, I want you to finish this sentence for me “I’ve never told this story before and probably shouldn’t but…”

Nickolis: I’ve never told anyone this story before and probably shouldn’t because it was really f*cked up. We were in school and somebody was picking on a friend of mine and we had porta-potties in the basketball area and I was mad at him so I pushed the porta-potty over and then he got covered in shit so then he decided to throw shit all over me. Then I decided It would be funny to throw shit on everyone else.

Erik: Pretty shitty story bro.

What do you love so much about music?

Erik: I don’t know. I love the freedom you can have in it to write and express yourself.

Chris: It just makes me feel awesome!

Nickolis: Music has always been a huge outlet for me at least. I never really wanted to do anything else. I never cared about school or going to events. For me music was just the only answer. I just felt like something else needed to happen in my life and that was it. Since I started playing drums I felt like I didn’t need to do anything else.

Lord Dying Online

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