May/June 2015 Vandala Magazine – Anti-Flag, Matt Skiba, Full of Hell & Festival Season Kicks Off

May has came in with a bang. Anit-flags drummer Pat Thetic was there at the beginning and we caught up with him to chat Peace or Protest. Vandala went Inside the […]

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Album Cover Feature – The Rumjacks – “Sober & Godless”

The Rumjacks are a celtic punk band out of Sydney, Australia. Australia isn’t exactly known far and wide for its celtic punk scene, but that doesn’t stop these four boys from making a mighty impressive racket within the genre.

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ALBUM COVER FEATURE – Whitehorse – “Leave No Bridge Unburned”

Hamilton, Ontario’s Whitehorse are a husband and wife duo that play sleek and sexy pop music with an exciting mix of influences and sounds in the makeup.
The band’s upcoming album ‘Leave No Bridge Unburned’ is poised to be their breakout. This despite………

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January 2015 Vandala Magazine – Zakk Wylde, Battlecross, Photo Special, Best of 2014 and More

What better way than to start 2015 than with Zakk Wylde on the cover. We caught up with him to talk about everything from guitars to Catholicism. Plus we have […]

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