May/June 2015 Vandala Magazine – Anti-Flag, Matt Skiba, Full of Hell & Festival Season Kicks Off

May-June-Vandala-MagazineMay has came in with a bang. Anit-flags drummer Pat Thetic was there at the beginning and we caught up with him to chat Peace or Protest. Vandala went Inside the new Album ‘KUTS”  with Matt Skiba. Plus we caught up with Full of Hell, The Body and D.R.I for interviews. Also festival and touring season has started and we have been out catching it. From Canadian Music Week To Coachella Vandala has been there. Plus lots of reviews, more interviews. photos and much more.  READ HERE 


Cover Interview 
Peace and Protest – Interview Anti Flags  Drummer Pat Thetic


Drummer Pat Thetic was there at the beginning. He started the group with its singer Justin Sane and continues to be a driving creative force in the band. We spoke with him about the new record and the old politics of this very outspoken punk rock unit. READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 62

Matt Skiba and The Sekrets – Inside the New Album ‘KUTS” with Matt Skiba

May-June-Vandala-Magazine--Inside-the-New-Album-‘KUTS”--with-Matt-SkibaWith the upcoming release of the  the second record of Matt Skiba and the Sekrets (with members of AFI and My Chemical Romance). We spoke with Matt about the upcoming record and his future plans for the band.  READ FULL INTERVIEW ON PAGE 52

Coachella 2015 – Highlights and Photo Feature – Page 34


Canadian Music Week 2015 – Page 22


Other Highlights


*Kurt Brecht Life, Politics and the Future
*Hard Work  & Originality With Full of Hell
*D.R.I – Kurt Brecht Life, Politics and the Future
*Next To None “A Light In The Dark” (Rock)
*Deez Nuts “Word Is Bond” (Hardcore/Punk)
*Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck
*Stagecraft 101: The Unified Front
*Kiesza & Betty Who Heat Up The Stage
*Mastodon, Clutch & Big Business at the Edmonton EXPO Centre
*Yes We Mysic  & Andrew Judah




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