Album Review: Memoryhouse ­- ‘Soft Hate’ (Pop)

Memoryhouse ­ Soft HateBy Michael Smith – 4.5/5 Dragons
From April 2016 Vandala Magazine 

Soft Hate is the strongest effort from a group that has a very audacious library. The duo continues to make dramatic musical beauty with a waggish attitude. There are two different visual soundscapes that come to mind when listening to this album, the first being a desert landscape in the spring with a cool spring breeze blowing, lifting the sand with it, grains jouncing of of the needles of a nearby loan cacti, and there’s you, just lying in the cool sun, soaking in the rays, and basking in the feeling of mental weightlessness. By just looking, voyeurs would assume you are burning up, but you’ve never felt more perfect. The second, though similar, takes place in a an open field, wind blowing, making the blades of grass dance, and you see a shot of the sun harmoniously setting to the atmosphere’s beat. Basically the theme here is the beauty in tranquility that this album is laden with.



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