Review: Eric 13 Single: Chainsaw Your Face (I Wanna) (Rock/Metal)

Are you an obsessed horror movie fanatic that also craves retro 80’s Metal love ballads and you’re also currently going through a break up and possibly in need of kick-ass music to help cope with your heart being ripped in half by a recent significant other?!

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Yoke Lore Live and Sold Out

I consider myself someone that has watched a ton of music videos. Rarely am I moved. Sure, I am entertained, but rarely am I moved. After watching Yoke Lore’s “Good Pain” music video, I sat […]

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June 2016 Vandala Magazine – Amon Amarth, Harley Flanagan, Beale Street Music Festival and more

Interview, shows, reviews and more interviews! What a busy month. We caught up with Johan Soderberg of Amon Amarth,  along with Napalm Death, Stella Vander  of Magma, Harley Flanagan, Mac […]

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