Jess Fairlie Releases Powerful ‘White Coats’ Single

“How does one line of lyrics change my viewpoint. The power that comes from an artists song, lyric, melody creates not just in music but in life. When I started listening I had to create an outlet for my own message.” 

Melbourne soul/pop singer and songwriter, Jess Fairlie follows her curious nature down the rabbit hole, using this out look to create the framework for each song. Her music is a product of the music education from her childhood (Stevie Wonder, Rickie Lee Jones, The Boss, Shania Twain). Musical greats that her sound isn’t synonymous with, but inspire her art form nonetheless.

“When I write a song, I challenge myself to find succinct curiosity-inspiring lyrics and melodies. Music makes life beautiful to live in, it’s like you’re listening to poetry all the time and you get to write something yourself and put it in an aesthetic form, you’re contributing to it and it feels so good.” 

If you happened to follow Jess Fairlie to a karaoke bar after you might hear the likes of Emily King, D’Angelo and Alicia Keys. Produced by Melbourne artist Feelds, aka James Seymour, the chilling and somewhat ‘dark’ melodies created in ‘White Coats’ support Jess’s honest look at our inner-demons.

The new single is about a confusion with our inner voice and whether we can separate ourselves from it, ignore it, handle it or let it define who we are. An introspective look reveals the song has a darker tone than the usual joy-evoking melodies Jess uses to paint her songs.

Along with her full band, Jess Fairlie will be launching her single at a to-be-announced show late October.

“As she hits that first note, it’s easy to tell that Jess Fairlie’s strength lies in her vocal ability – it’s seemingly as effortless as her relaxed stage presence.” – The Music 

“White Coats” by JESS FAIRLIE will be released 29th of September 2017.


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