4th Annual CDHY Block Party: CUATRO DE JULIO!

‎4th Annual CDHY Block PartyA South Philly block party? On the 4th of July? What more could a guy want? What I’m trying to say is that Rory Cain has put together perhaps THE greatest DIY event of the summer with his Cuatro De Julio block party, the biggest of its kind in the city. An extension on previous editions, the quasi-legendary Cinco de High Yo! this particular party will be the last of its kind. With vendors, bands and street punks gathered together in a sort of DIY mecca your fourth of July has never been so brutal. Featuring local acts like Bonzai and Dell P as well as groups from further out, like my beloved Baby Shakes Cain has been able to craft the sort of even that gets everyones panties wet. So get in and get ready to rage all day long!

Find out more on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/748247651962880/

LOCATION: 2600 Block of Wharton

– Baby Shakes (NYC Power Pop Bad Assery)
– Rockers Galore – (Mainstays at this block party, bringing roots reggae and summertime vibes)
– Twiin (By far the best new band in Philadelphia. Dual vocal full frontal assault of the Pop Cortex of the Punk brain. Sounds like if the Pixies, The Replacements, and Jay Reatard had a healthy two headed baby hermaphrodite with a penchant for creating ear worms)
– Rory Kelly’s Triple Threat (Heavy Blues and ripping guitars)
– Dell P (West Philly’s most conscious Hip Hop)
– Bonzai (High on meth, riding a bald eagle into a volcano)
– Souldiers of Soul (YOU ALREADY KNOW)
– Mohawktown (Motown and RnB featuring Joe Jack Talcum of the Dead Milkmen)

– LeeAnn Faßbender  – Punk, Oi!, and Power Pop
– Strawberry Mansion – Hip Hop, New Jack Swing, Soul

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