A Brief History Lesson Within Nailbomb’s Point Blank – An Interview with Max Cavalera of Soulfly

Max Cavalera is a pure metal machine! He always working on a wide variety of projects. It’s almost as if Max is capable of making records during sleep. Every release that Max puts out becomes a personal fan favorite and each release forever stands against the test of time! Nailbomb’s “Point Blank” record is proof of that. “Point Blank” is a beautifully crafted chaotic mass of pure metallic industrial; a record that continues to gain new fans throughout the metal and industrial community every single day. Don’t miss out on Soulfly performing Nailbomb’s “Point Blank” all the way through because it’s the type of record that’s meant to be seen by thousands of heavy music fans worldwide!

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Fall/Winter 2017 Vandala Magazine: Talib Kweli, Frank Turner, Freeze, and more

What a year and we are ending with an amazing issue. Firstly we are very proud to end the year with Talib Kweli cover who gives Vandala an insightful and […]

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Guerilla Warfare – A Soulfly as Nailbomb Show Review

To the surprise of most everyone, Max Cavalera and crew (the Soulfly crew, that is) have decided to do a tour in which they perform the 1994 album Point Blank by Nailbomb (which is what he was calling himself and his band at the time). It was a

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