INTERVIEW – Books, Prison & Life with Randy Blythe

Randy Blythe is one of the most fanatically intelligent people in metal. Well read and always interesting to talk to, this may very well have been the best interview of my career.

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SHOW REVIEW – Whitechapel Brings the Diverse Masses

I’ve been having a hard time lately. School has been getting intense, past demons are catching up to me, and I have to, God forbid, see my family in a few weeks. Yet when the ghosts of the past start to find you, you need something that cleanses, something that allows you to stand up and shout, finding your own way forward through the darkness, the thorns in the side of anybody and everybody sent to this cursed world of ours. For me, it seems that the way forward was provided by means of a modern day legend, Whitechapel.

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