SHOW REVIEW – Whitechapel Brings the Diverse Masses


Article by Matt Bacon
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I’ve been having a hard time lately. School has been getting intense, past demons are catching up to me, and I have to, God forbid, see my family in a few weeks. Yet when the ghosts of the past start to find you, you need something that cleanses, something that allows you to stand up and shout, finding your own way forward through the darkness, the thorns in the side of anybody and everybody sent to this cursed world of ours. For me, it seems that the way forward was provided by means of a modern day legend, Whitechapel.

When I showed up to the venue I was a little wary, usually when I have the longest hair at a show it means that things aren’t going to go well. Especially when in between opening bands you meet fans of groups like Chunk! No Captain Chunk! who are, simply put, the antithesis of all I stand for. Then, suddenly, Whitechapel came on and tore me a new one. These guys understand what metal is all about, and the touches of hardcore that they bring in to accentuate their sound only helps to make it better. These songs are wholly enjoyable and prove the eternal might that this band has. Right out of the gate they probed that their library of work is simply unf*ckwithable and will stand tall for years, nay, generations to come. Their set was incredibly well put together and the band have a great stage presence, the product of many years of touring.

Halfway through the bands set though, a single thought reached out to me, these guys could potentially be the next Lamb of God. Think about it, their set was appreciated by old school death metallers and hardcore kids alike. On top of that, their new record Our Endless War broke the Billboard 200’s top ten. How many death metal bands can claim that at this phase in their career? All of this was reflected in the performance. Whitechapel know that they’re crafting songs that are loved across American and their live show is confident and bold without being obnoxious. They know their place and seem poised to take on the world. This set only proved to me that Whitechapel are the real deal, and anyone who argues otherwise will be relegated to the hell of poserdom.

So where does that leave us? I think at the end of the day the message to take away is that not only are Whitechapel a tight live band, but they can give you the power to transcend your common problems. Sure I may be staring at all sorts of deadlines and final exams coming up, but guess what? Tonight for a few triumphant moments Whitechapel were able to make me forget all that. This band is taking over the world and climbing faster than anyone thought possible. Whitechapel are going to be this generations death metal overlords, so you might as well get ready to bend the knee.

Whitechapel Online

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