Vandala Magazine Exclusive : Ismay “Young” Video (SF FOLK Lady) + LP ‘Songs of Sonoma’ Out Early 2020

Five years spent working and living on the family ranch informs Ismay’s debut full-length record, Songs of Sonoma Mountain. This album was recorded in a 100-year-old sheep barn at the ranch, seeking to immerse the listener in the world of Sonoma Mountain, and to evoke the sense that we aren’t as separate from nature as we may think. Co-produced by Robert Cheek (Engineer: Band of Horses, Chelsea Wolfe) and Avery Hellman, Songs of Sonoma Mountain features live vulnerable performances that bring out the character of the space. These songs tell stories from the perspective of the mountain, the animals upon it, and Ismay themself to examine gender identity, loss, and a search for belonging. The record interweaves field recordings with intricate songwriting and experimental production. Ismay has also compiled a series of narrative documentary stories about Sonoma Mountain to accompany the record, to be released as a podcast entitled Where the World Begins in early 2020.

Songs of Sonoma – TRACKLISTING
01. A Song in Praise of Sonoma Mountain
02. The Stones
03. The 100 Mile View from Virginia City
04. When I Was Younger, I Cried
05. The Bird in the Shed
06. In the Hospital Room
07. Sonoma Mountain Theme
08. On Leaving Sonoma Mountain
09. The Song of the Mourning Dove Spoken Word
10. The Song of the Mourning Dove

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