Perth’s Alex Arpino to release debut album; shares single ‘Space Ghost (In a Puppet)’

Alex Arpino has had a rich history in Perth music, with a decade fronting indie pop purveyors The Autumn Isles behind himhe now sets out on a solo escapade with his debut self-tilted record. First single Space Ghost (In a Puppet) heralds an open playing field and showcases not only his songwriter prowess, but his skills as a producer. Written and recorded in his studio, Alex Arpino on all instrumental and vocal duties with Malcolm Clark (The Sleepy Jackson) on drums; he has pieced together an infectious saturated synth hook that balances the line between new wave and psych pop.

A creative force, Alex Arpino has been described as a renaissance man, whether it’s producing large scale urban art murals and delicate portrait work or constructing records, his depth of artistry and attention to detail consistently shines through. On the conclusion of The Autumn Isles in 2015, Alex spent the next few years working on a list of songs that connects to his childhood, the wide-eyed years of discovering the joy of pop music.

From the epic announcement of opener To Find Your Place to the timeless; heartfelt familiarity of closer With Your Love, it is apparent that Alex Arpino has found a distinctive voice in each song and masterfully nurtured it to fruition. I Remember You (Dancing with the Devil) is born from 80’s FM radio, with its synth motif and commanding pop lead vocal, it declares his love of melody and big brass choruses. Star-Crossed Lovers a rollicking power pop number that speaks to his teens, influences like Sloan and the Pixies lovingly presented here. Alex Arpino affectionately moulds a broad spectrum of sounds into an accomplished, completed work that is rich from start to finish.

As a lyricist he has historically painted pictures in metaphor and existential themes. This work has been far more autobiographical, recollections of lost love, childhood hopes and adolescent adventures. There is a cinematic quality here, no more apparent than with Bright Lights Disaster, a haunting song that suggests a dystopian scene with a longing for connection and solace. Melodies and Self Deprivation a song presented across several acts, a lush foot note to the personal challenges faced in the lead up to the production of this ambitious album.

Alex Arpino is the sum total of his musical experience to date, a love letter to his youth and a bold introduction to his artistry.

Space Ghost (In a Puppet)’ single out now – Alex Arpino’ album out June 1
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