#TBT Pros & iCons “Wild Hearts” Video

Pros & iCons celebrates the fervor of adolescent anarchy in their smash single “Wild Hearts.” The video sets a struggling artist on the street side of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. After hot wiring a business man’s convertible, the singer jettisons his mundanity and explores the open road. He grabs his fellow street performers on his rebellious journey, culminating in an explosive performance beneath the sunset of the Southern California desert. The song expresses youth, celebration, and, ultimately, the fire burning in every repressed wild heart.

Using their business-savvy wit shaped on the streets of their NYC home, Pros & iCons’ four members crafted a sound and look that injected the iConic in today’s mainstream, capturing a rock ‘n’ roll edge that speaks to the rebellion swelling inside any adolescent, wild heart.

In the studio, Pros & iCons breaks pop stereotypes and transcends genre. Though synth-driven, each instrumental comes to life with the guitar. From booming solos to infectious leads, each instrumental breathes with the accompaniment of six strings. The group propels the momentum of each track by harnessing near hip-hop percussion; crushing bass, contemporary trap hi-hats, and rhythmic 808s forge the heartbeat of each composition. And through all these hard, traditionally anarchical sounds remain clean, clear, and soaring vocals to juxtapose the aforementioned grit-vocals chiseled with a more classic approach channeling the soulful beginnings of rock ‘n’ roll with a theatrical clarity. Somehow, the sounds coalesce in one fresh and progressive blend that’s uniquely Pros & iCons

With the release of their self produced album “iConic”, the guys have been busy on the grind as a working and touring band, with performances up and down the east coast. They recently performed for thousands at Elon University in North Carolina, Amityville Music Hall in New York and headlined Revolution Music Hall, also in New York. They continue to run with that momentum, with upcoming appearances for a private show at Fitchburg State University, Mass, in September and 7 more performances scheduled across New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania this fall, including another headlining performance in Pawling, New York. 

“iConic” – The debut album by Pros & iCons OUT NOW. Order on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id12299…



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