Shred Kelly Releases New Single/Music Video “Archipelago”

Soaked in electric crescendos and folk tinged sing-along anthems, Shred Kelly is known for their high energy live show that ignites dance floors with their alternative folk sound. Over three albums and countless tours, the five British Columbians have developed their signature sound by taking inspiration from the mountains they hail from and the people who inhabit them. Now, the band is back with the first taste of the new music from their forthcoming album.

“The song Archipelago started with a cruisy banjo riff that is prevalent throughout the song,” the band comments. “The lyrics came about a bit later and they tell the story of a night spent in the archipelago near Stockholm, Sweden where we had recently visited on our last European tour. We spent a night in a cabin by the sea on the coast of a European country but we couldn’t believe how similar it was to Canada; drawing similarities to Northern Ontario. By the time we had left, we had seen a moose, the northern lights, and had been struck with the realization that ‘it was not all that different in the archipelago’.” 

The video was shot in Calgary and directed and produced by Brett Connors and Brett Ferster from The Light Factory. The concept follows people as they experience a song, and shows how we can all share in an experience of listening to a song; but the individual experiences we have – and what it means to each of us – can be so different.

Stay tuned for more from Shred Kelly coming later this year!

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