April 2017 Vandala Magazine – Otep, Kill The Precedent, Ron Wasserman, Okeechobee Music Festival and More

The sun has peeked through and the music season is starting to heat up. Firstly get in-depth in her fiery interview with nothing off limits with Otep Shamaya. We also talk to the man behind the music of many of your favourite movies (Power Rangers) and TV shows Ron Wasserman. We also chatted with Twig the Exfoliator of Kill The Precedent. Also festivals have started with features on both Okeechobee Music Festival and Starry Nites along with more live coverage, reviews, photo galleries and more.   READ HERE FREE

April 2017 Cover: “Freedom to Live and Love” An Interview with Otep

We get in-depth in her fiery interview with nothing off limits with Otep Shamaya. She doesn’t just sing about what she wants changed inside the corruption of our society, she goes out of her way to actually participate with the people who want real change within our government. […]

A New Breed of Chaos: An Interview with Twig the Exfoliator of Kill The Precedent […]

Kill The Precedent’s latest release “Some Version of the Truth” will spark mosh pits for years to come inside every record store that dares to play the release and we get the details.

May The Power Protect You, Always An interview with Ron Wasserman […]

Ron Wasserman is a machine when it comes to composing music for television. He might be most famous for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme, but his resume is a very long one which we chat about.

Second Annual Okeechobee Music Festival […]

Starry Nites Lives Up To Its Name […]

Other Highlights

Cameron Avery “Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams” (Alternative/Indie)
Shy One “6 years” (Hip-Hop/Horror/Ghetto)
So Sick Social Club “Dead Friends Don’t Tell” (Hip-Hop/Rock)
“No Culture” with Mother MotherTotal War – Nails and Toxic Holocaust Live
The Tea Party “20 Years of Transmission”
Creedence Clearwater Revisited Rock
Photo Gallery: Kelowna Fan Xpo 2017
And Much More 



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