Live Coverage – SATE At The Dakota Tavern

SATE @ The Dakota Tavern March 12th, 2015

Photo Gallery HERE

Article & Photo By  Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder (GGS Photography)

Throbbing keys, screaming guitar solos, dirty funk bass and snug rock drumming. The vocals are some sort of funk rock power roaring. This band is the full package. The night ended with me covered in sweat, beer and rock n roll. This was the maiden show of Toronto’s newest gem, Sate. The two sets were intimate, dirty and invigorating. The Dakota tavern is known mainly in the bluegrass, country and roots music scene, but much like our site’s philosophy they are fully and simply about good music. I have never had anything but an amazing musical experience there, even when I just happen by.

SATE @ The Dakota Tavern March 12th, 2015 MORE PHOTOS HERE

The crowd was an eclectic mix. Ian Blurton was spinning vinyl and Steve Marriner, of the multiple Juno award winning band Monkey Junk, came in from Ottawa to play the second set, while Sate played the first and third, the place was chockfull, not bad for a Thursday night. The song ‘Revolution’ was a highlight, their vocalist did a full, head high kick after spending a full five minutes on top of the monitors. She also spent the preamble to the song whipping the crowd into a frenzy with a passionate monologue. She also heckled an audience member who hadn’t smiled yet, until he smiled. It was beautiful.

Sate, like the Dakota, has a very simple goal, ‘… to satisfy earholes’. Their sound is difficult to describe, as it appears to be have been funneled in from so many musical genres. Their sonic signature is akin to the band that would result if the Dead Weather and Tina Turner found Stevie Ray Vaughn’s secret stash of songs. Sate brings dirty break-neck blues rock with occasional punk-metal tones and a r & b based rhythm section.

If I may take off my reviewing hat and pull my photographer stalking over my head, Sate is so photogenic that my work was more play than anything. This band is proof of the power of passion. Their live show is both beautiful and scary like watching the birth of something new. These guys are sincerely worth checking out and one of the tightest freshman bands I have encountered.

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