Rascal Flatts Announce Residency at Las Vegas Casino

2013 CMT Music Awards - Wonderwall Portrait StudioIt’s been under a year since alternative country pop group Rascal Flatts world tour came to an end in Atlantic City. Now the band finds itself on Big Machine Records and has announced that they will be playing a nine-gig residency at Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

The residency will begin on February 25, where the band will play to Vegas locals and visitors to the city until March 14. The venue is a 4,000 all-seated venue that is located inside the Hotel and Casino. The residency has been entitled ‘Vegas Riot!’

This will be the first time a country music band or artist will be holding down a residency in Sin City. Usually it is bands such as Guns N’ Roses or Def Leppard who command such high-profile residencies in Las Vegas. In fact, it was Motely Crue as reported by Yahoo Music that held the first residency at a Vegas casino. And that seems to be a trend in Vegas to bring some of rock music’s biggest bands to the city.

It’s a strategy that many casinos are now employing, following in the footsteps of the legendary Hard Rock to help drive profit margins. After the online market affected land-based casinos so much when it saw the launch of InterCasino in Asia, North America and Europe 1997, many casinos had to come to terms with spiraling losses.

However, Hard Rock has enjoyed unrivaled success in similar markets to the aforementioned online platform because it was a revolutionary mix of two prospering industries. Now Hard Rock operates in countries across the world, hence why so many casinos are now modeling their business strategies on them. And bringing Rascal Flatts to Vegas could be another ingenious move by the global brand.

Although this residency is by no means the size of the band’s 2005 tour that sold over 700,000 tickets, Rascal Flatts hope to garner column inches from a career that has seen many music journalists deemed the band as irrelevant now.

For more information on the band’s upcoming residency, check their official website.

Here’s one of the band’s latest songs entitled ‘Rewind’:

– By Arthur Nixon.

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