Petite Noir Releases New EP ‘The King Of Anxiety’ on 19th January 2015. The New single ‘Chess’ Has Just Been Unveiled…

PETITE NOIRPetite Noir is to release a new 5 track EP entitled ‘The King Of Anxiety’ on 19th January 2015 through Domino Recordings sister label Double Six.

The lead track Chess features lyrics directly lifted from an instant-messaging conversation that Petite Noir (Yannick Ilunga) was embroiled in on the day of recording. The conversation finalised the demise of a relationship, but replaced the originally intended lyrics and birthed this wonderful track. The accompanying video was directed by Cieron Magat and was inspired by the works of Ghanaian photographer, Philip Kwame Apagya.

‘The King Of Anxiety’ EP will be available digitally (DS073D). Pre-order it via Dom Mart or via iTunes with an instant grat of the track, ‘Chess’.

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