Keloha Music Festival 2014 – Day One Wrap Up

The Wild At Keloha

The Wild At Keloha

By Crystal Lee

2014-07-11_17.00Day 1 was already a blast at Keloha Music Festival. I still stand by  that I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I have to keep this short since (we will have a full photo gallery of all the action) Vandala is heading back out to catch more of the acts who are sweating their butts off on stage!

When I arrived it was 37C and first act I saw was a local band called “The Wild”. I was already dying of heat while this band gave everything on stage in direct afternoon sun.  I know many came later to see Monster Truck though if you did you missed out on the “The Wild”. Each member is a show all by themselves with awesome stage presences. Pistol Pete  on rhythm guitar was just spectacular. A highlight for me was when Dylan Villain on vocals when he  slowed it down with a blues song with little background instruments. I love it when bands do this since it shows that they can really sing –  Dylan has the pipes.  This is one rock and you should check out and expect to see more of them.

Other highlights of the night where The Kongos. Which was the other side of the rock spectrum from The Wild. The one member came out with no shoes and ready to play. Since  hardly wear shoes it was too nice to see someone who did the same. The Kongos were naturals on stage and everything just flowed for this South African Band even they were boiling on stage. Also these guys are just the nicest guys you will meet.

Monster Truck at Keloha 2014

Monster Truck at Keloha 2014

Finally MONSTER TRUCK. You know they put on a show. First time seeing them live for myself and loved it . Fans went crazy  as the sun went down and the cool (well not boiling air)  air came in. How can you not love Monster Truck! That’s all I can say for now since we have a COVER interview with Monster Truck for Augusts Vandala Magazine!!! Plus More from Keloha 2014

A special shout out to the girls in the media tent. Thanks again!

BACK OUT TODAY – see you tomorrow online if we don’t melt.



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