June 2014 Vandala Magazine Featuring Grieves, Comeback Kid and More

There may have be a lot of rain this past May but that did not stop us from bringing you 3 interviews, show reviews from all over and more! On the cover is Grieves who gave us a look into what inspires him, influences, and the current tour. We also caught up with Canada’s Hardcore band “Comeback Kind”  live in Kelowna where Andrew Neufeld gave us one heck of a interview. We even brought a little Jazz to the magazine with Calgary’s Lindsay Kupser. This and so much more in Junes Vandala.  Click Below or READ DIRECTLY HERE if not visible.

Cover Interview – Grieves “A Man On The Move”

Cover Interview - Grieves “A Man On The Move””For Junes cover Vandala was able to catch up with Grieves on his massive tour. We chatted about his inspirations, touring, writing and more”

Read Full Interview on page 56 Vandala Magazine

Live On Location Interview with Andrew Neufeld of The Band Comeback Kid

Live-On-Location-Interview-with-Andrew-Neufeld-of-The-Band-Comeback-Kid JUNE 2014 Vandala Magazine

With a well received, hard hitting new album, a new music video and big tours in North America and Europe, Comeback Kid are sitting pretty. As one of Canadian hardcore’s biggest exports, incessant touring and six full length albums have helped the Winnipeg five piece amass a worldwide following in its fourteen year run. We caught up with vocalist Andrew Neufeld in Kelowna, BC to talk about the band’s history and the events surrounding their new record, Die Knowing. READ FULL INTERVIEW on pg. 48 Vandala Magazine

Other Features

June 2014 Vandala Magazine Contents

Live Music
Canadian Music Week 2014 –  A Little Old, Some New and All Spectacular
Paganfest – A Tale of Fur and Horns
The Weekend Kids – Impressive Opening For Good Riddance
Ripping Metal Causes Mass Hysteria in Calgary
Scroobius Pip & Dan le Sac: Rock and Roll in One of Their Last-Ever Gigs

Album Reviews
Dan Lyth, Benthic Lines “Benthic Lines”(Alternative/Pop)
Candy Says “Not Kings”(Pop)
Mad Caddies “Dirty Rice”(Ska/Punk)
7 Seconds “Leave A Light On’”(Hardcore/Punk)
White Chocolate Thunder “No Pants, Just Dance”(Rock/Pop Rock)
Zackariah and the Prophets “Goodnight, Icarus” (Alternative/Rock)


Other – Casualties of Cool feat. Devin Townsend & Che Aimee Dorval, Book Review: The Music Industry Self Help Guide By Michael Repel, Stagecraft 101: Why Performance Matters, Creative Ways To Market Your Music At Summer Festivals AND SO MUCH MORE. READ FREE NOW


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