Toronto Locals The Unseen Strangers Live

Unseen Strangers at The Dakota Tavern, Toronto, Ontario APRIL 2014Review and Photo By Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder 

The show started early on Tuesday March 13, so The Dakota Tavern was thinly populated, however, those who had arrived where making their presence known. There was a small contingency of clear-cut die-hard fans hooting, hollering, dancing and drinking with all the fury of a Friday night. ‘The Unseen Strangers’ play urban bluegrass. They incorporate elements of jazz, rock and several other genres into their original arrangements. In fact, they actually play sets fully composed of contemporary covers at the drake hotel somewhat regularly.

Bandleader Adam Shier plays guitar and takes the role of the main lead vocalist. Matt Elwood is on Banjo and occasionally takes the lead on vocals as does James McEleney who also plays a constantly sturdy bass. Mike Mezzatesta is on Mandolin. They incorporate elegant harmonies and trade off intricate breakneck solos in almost every song. ‘The Unseen Strangers’ are clearly determined to foster a unique melodic flair. Their style is molded by an adherence to traditional bluegrass motifs and augmented by an attachment to multiple forms of modern influences. An immeasurable onslaught of modern musical inspirations are peppered into their classic bluegrass sound.

Based out of Toronto, Ontario. The group just released their second full-length record, ‘Follow the Sound’, produced by Andrew Collins. The album includes 11 original songs including the award winning, “Facebook Waltz” and “Ramblers Plea”.  Keep track of their touring schedule here:



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