Show Review – “King Beez – A Night Without Words”

King Beez at The Bovine Sex Club, Toronto, Ontario APRIL 2014Review and Photo By Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder 

When Matt Groopie is on stage he is akin to an endless whirlwind of energy spewing rock. Throughout the show his particular brand of insane led him to play on the ground, in the crowd, with his guitar over his head and never in the same position for more than half a second, like some lightning powered robo-monkey. Matt Groopie plays lead guitar and is very much center stage during a ‘King Beez’ show. Johnny Eye is a precise yet tribal style drummer. Adam Bandit is a steady rhythm guitarist. Mike Crombez is a constantly exacting bassist with tons of energy. Groopie also took time to occasionally scream into the mic, turn on a strobe and smoke machine, invite people onto the stage to provide rhythmic backing and play harmonica. He is a true entertainer, possibly with ADD.

Founded by band-leader Matt Groopie in Thornhill, Ontario in 2007, ‘King Beez’ play instrumental surf rock, with a splash of psychedelic nostalgia mixed into their melodies and the speed of progressive metal to top it all off. The Bovine was packed when ‘King Beez’ took the stage this last Tuesday, all four of them adorned in their matching yellow bowling shirts, they went full throttle the minute they got on stage, took requests from the audience and throughout the show they never stopped rocking back and forth with wide smiles. So if you are looking for high energy, instrumental based, speed surf then look no further, ‘King Beez’ are your band.

They have a heavy gig schedule coming up so keep track of them online and check them out live for yourself  at  

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