Marty Friedman Premieres “Inferno” Music Video

marty friedman infernoEminent guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN has unveiled the music video for “Inferno,” the title track of his highly anticipated new album, due out in North America on May 27. The concept for the clip — directed by FRIEDMAN and David Brodsky (Devin Townsend, The Black Dahlia Murder) — was inspired by a television show in Japan, where FRIEDMAN currently lives and is a popular TV personality himself.

Says FRIEDMAN, “The music video for ‘Inferno’ is an homage/parody of one of my fave Japanese TV shows, ‘Zenryokusaka‘ (‘Full Power Hill’). It’s a weekly five-minute show where the entire premise is absolutely nothing but a girl running up a hill. Each week a different girl, and a different hill. I am hooked on this show, and think it is genius in its simplicity and ever-so-slight sexual nature. It took me a while to explain the charm of the show to the video director, but I think towards the end of making our video together, he got it. It’s like many things that happen outside the culture you were born in; you either get it and it’s fresh or you don’t and it’s just weird.”

A digital single for “Inferno” is now available via Amazon MP3,; the song can also now be streamed on Spotify. Additionally, you can view exclusive commentary from FRIEDMAN about the track at Guitar World


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