Tomas Barfod Releases New Single and Video for “Pulsing” 

Tomas Barfod Photo by Martin Bubandt

Photo by Martin Bubandt

Tomas Barfod recently announced his new single “Pulsing” earlier this month, via Secretly Canadian. Now the thumping, hook-heavy track, courtesy of Nina K’s sprightly vocals, has been set to equally unforgettable visuals.

“‘Pulsing’ was one of the first songs I made for the album, and it made a good reference for the rest of the songs,” Barfod states, “It has Nina’s light vocals on top of dark synths – very much like the video which has this cute and innocent looking couple, but a dark undertone.”

Director Cherise Payne (Sampha, Apache Beat) speaks about the video’s development: “The first thing that struck me about Tomas’ track was that the melody and vocals were so beautiful but there was an underlying darkness in the bass and the beat. I wanted to explore this idea of beauty and darkness in the video”

A new album is planned for release later this Spring, more news to come soon.


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