Show Review – Lawn Mower Man Tour – Powerfully Electric Night

Show Review - Lawn Mower To kick off Madchild’s North American tour in support of his new, chart topping album, Lawnmover Man, the Canadian rap veteran threw it down with his posse and friends at Fortune Sound Club in Chinatown, Vancouver. Inspired by Tech N9ne’s Technicians, and Insane Clown Posse’s Juggalos, Madchild launched the Battleaxe Warriors movement in 2011, and since then has acquired over 3000 hardcore fans. Being such dedicated supporters, they lined up outside hours before the show to attend the meet and greet. It was great to see the fans interact and conduct themselves in such a loving and respectful way. Even if some of them have never met each other, they introduced themselves and bonded over the music.

The Lawn Mower Man Tour consists of Adlib from Philadelphia, and Slaine from Massachusetts, which made up for a deadly one two punch before Madchild came in with the knockout blow.

Straight out the gate, Adlib went in hard with his aggressive delivery and dominating stage presence. Representing the Battleaxe Warriors from head to toe, the guy did not ease off the pedal as he blazed through the set. As evident on the track, Ballroom Blitz, Adlib is no one trick pony. He raps over punk and metal influenced beats, pushing the limits of rap music in fast, heavy hitting directions.

Actor, rapper extraordinaire, Slaine performed a solid set with Adlib as backing emcee, and Madchild’s DJ Dow Jones on the tables. Performing his own songs and a bunch of songs from his group, La Coka Nostra, the crowd was extremely receptive to Slaine’s first show in Vancouver. Slaine’s love for America, and Boston led to collective “boo’s” from the crowd, and his love for cocaine and whiskey left some fans uncomfortable, however, his music and skills were undeniable. From trolling the audience, inviting girls to dance on stage to drinking a full cup of some drink, Slaine was full of charisma, which was impressive and fun to see. Between Slaine and Madchild, Shadyville’s DJ Dow Jones bumped some classic hip hop to get the crowd fully prepared for Madchild. Unexpectedly, the song to introduce Madchild onto the stage with 1nce Again by A Tribe Called Quest, which was epic as the crowd chanted “Madchild” throughout the track. Madchild’s set consisted of surprise guests, ongoing sound problems, light problems, fights in the crowd, but it was extremely fun, beautifully nostalgic and super loud! Although Madchild did a full sound check, it clearly didn’t help. His set was faced with multiple mics cutting out, or not being loud enough, sometimes being too loud. Most consistently, Madchild kept telling the sound engineer to make it louder. Eventually, the engineer was replaced by the tour manager, but it didn’t get too much louder. It was the loudest that system could go, which by the way, is punishingly loud for the audience, luckily I had earplugs. Despite the technical difficulties, it was an amazing show featuring Prevail and Rob the Viking of Swollen Members. They did what they do best! Check out the interview in Septembers 2013 Vandala Magazine

– Review by Bag

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