Show Review – Groenland & We Are The City Fill Divine Orange

Groenland & We Are The City Fill Divine Orange On a perfect night, I was whisked away to head north up the main to the Divan Orange to see a sold-out Groenland and We Are The City. There was a line that spilled out along the main, luckily for the very patient concert goers this show was part of the Fringe Festival, and the main echoed music throughout.

Like a swarm of bees, the six member band swirled around stage setting up their numerous instruments from synths, to cello, to melodica;  after all instruments a crew came on stage to set up mic-lights plastered with colored gels. Soon after the stage was vacant of musicians and roadies lights went out at The Divan Orange. Like fireflies the venue sparked on the mic-lights which reflected off of the instruments making the stage all that more magical.

This Montreal-based outfit Groenland, sound is a mix of orchestral influences with electronic touches. This darling band was formed by front woman Sabrina Halde, whose voice was absolutely delightful. Her soulful voice maintained my attention throughout the entire act, and Levesque’s (on synth) twisting the background music following the singer is a perfect blend which created this delicious dream sound. This expanded lineup includes tech-savvy keyboardist Jean-Vivier Lévesque, drummer Jonathan Charette, bassist Simon Gosselin, cellist Gabrielle Girard-Charest and violinist Fanny C. Laurin.

For a jammed-packed, sold-out show it was probably one of the nicest crowds I’ve ever encountered. Groanland’s music, well the best way to describe it, is just happy, energetic and fun. The rowdiest moment was when they played Superhero from their EP The Chase (which is a must have), and the audience all sang their ah-ah-ah-ah-ahhhh’s all in unison. They released their first LP The Chase this past April, they have been grabbing the attention of indie-pop fans, and their sound is just a fresh breath in your face. Note that I would not classify them as hipster pop rock but bohemian rock (affectation without annoying me).

On a side note, I bought their album- it’s amazing. Great act, I would see them over again many times over, can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us. Groenland is currently on tour supporting their EP, I strongly urge you to check their listing, see them and buy “The Chase”. Go Groenland!

Before Groenland took the stage We Are The City graced the stage to present some incredible experimental electro indie rock. Hailing from BC, Canada, We Are The City consists of Cayne McKenzie on vocals/keys, David Menzel on guitar, and Andrew Huculiak on drums, and vocals. They are currently on tour in support of their new album release, Violent. The band was personable, engaging and earnest, on stage and off. So are their irresistible songs that frequently evoke a strong sense of place, and robust harmonies led by Cayne McKenzie countering soft synths and looped drums form this hypnotic tunes that are irresistible. You can stream, and order their album Violent at

Check These Bands Out Online : &           We Are The &

– Review And Photo By Lana Nimmons

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