Beach, Sun and Music at Keloha 2013

Beach, Sun and Music at Keloha 2013

 32-33-KW-1-(edited)– Photos and Story By Crystal Lee

It was a beach’n weekend here in Kelowna as people united to party at Keloha. For those of you that are unfamiliar with the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Kelowna is a little paradise filled with hot spots and sun and most importantly, the beaches. I call it a Mini LA without the smog. The valley has a ton to offer such as wine, local breweries, fruit, sun and music. Yes music we are a hot spot to stop for bands on tours, from Kiss to The Trews. Wet Ape Productions is one that helps brings these artists to town.

This was Keloha’s second year running, and they do not mess around, they brought some amazing artists, and knew how to keep the party rolling. Being focused on independent music not all the highlights will be covered. That being said, we have photo pages filled with festival highlights, and as everyone knows sometimes a photo speaks louder than words.

Originally looking through the bill I instantly noticed some bands I listened to in the past, The Trews and Yukon Blonde for example. Although they’ve been around for a while, they have not lost their artistic talent, spirit and spring. Along with some goodies like the intense duo of Matt and Kim, and Shad, a hip hop artist that could easily MC the entire show. I must make a honorable mention to the DJ at the main stage who kept us all grooving between acts. His mix was a perfect blend of Caribbean, rock from 70s-’90s, electronic, you name it he played it. It was for everyone, and we all ate it up.

The setup was unique as this valley, located right by the beautiful lake that was at the foot of a long grassy hill- indeed the perfect venue. Luckily with all the hustling I had to do, shooting and covering the event, I had my incredible intern- who got thrown into the action and did an excellent job his first time out for Vandala.  VIEW FULL COVERAGE COMPLETE WITH PHOTOS IN AUGUSTS VANDALA MAGAZINE

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