Pride and Glory S/T + 5 New Tracks

Before there was Black Label Society, there was Pride & Glory. Known at the time as a Zakk Wylde side project, Pride & Glory and their debut S/T record would […]

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A Hot Night at the Vina Robles Amphitheater With Steve Miller and Marty Stuart

Hot, dry winds buffeted the Vina Robles Amphitheater during a sold-out Steve Miller concert. The crisp August night came just a week after unusually cold temperatures enveloped a sold-out Avett Brothers concert at the same venue. The weather may be unpredictable at the beautiful mountainside amphitheater, but a good time is almost always guaranteed for concert goers at the most pristine concert venue in Central California. The concert billed as “Classic rock meets classic country,” […]

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Album Review: Robert Plant Bares his Heart on Latest Album Carry Fire

Simply put, Robert Plant is a musical genius and his newest album Carry Fire is a demonstration of said genius. The eleven song collection is a divine infusion of abstract musings, poignant observations, ethereal sounds, and tribal rhythms guided by Plant’s omnipotent transmission of emotion.

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