“I try to keep punk rock punk. You’re not getting a nice story out of me.” The Fat Mike Interview

He co-owns one of the most successful independent punk rock record labels of all time; he has been a member and main songwriter of one of the most successful independent […]

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Album Review: Belvedere – The Revenge of the Fifth (Punk)

If you were a fan of punk rock in Calgary in my generation (that would be Generation X, or is it Y?), you grew up with Belvedere. Although perhaps not the most successful band of its genre to come out of cowtown, Belvedere have certainly attained the status of hometown heroes many years ago.

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June 2016 Vandala Magazine – Amon Amarth, Harley Flanagan, Beale Street Music Festival and more

Interview, shows, reviews and more interviews! What a busy month. We caught up with Johan Soderberg of Amon Amarth,  along with Napalm Death, Stella Vander  of Magma, Harley Flanagan, Mac […]

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