Singer/Songwriter and Accomplished Guitarist Harris Breyfogle Announces New Single “Angela” from the Upcoming Album, Complexus

Singer, songwriter, and accomplished guitarist Harris Breyfogle announces his new single “Angela,” from his upcoming full-length album Complexus, due out in Spring 2020. Already featured on blogs including, The Hype Magazine, Imperfect Fifth, and others, Breyfogle will be expanding his fan base with “Angela.”  This song is one of the more upbeat tracks on the forthcoming release. Complexus is an emotional timeline of Breyfogle’s relationship with his ex, exploring the journey to find closure through both tragedy and comfort.  “Angela” is stylistically inspired by tunes like Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” and preludes to the tone and meaning of the album. “Angela” is the name of the person who gave reason to Complexus in the first place. While the opening lyrics “Angela, I’m coming for ya” are poignant and stark, it maintains a vibrant, flowing, and fun feel. It’s a wonderful vibe, and one Breyfogle chose so that the listeners can dance right into the album when it arrives.

Harris Breyfogle was born and raised in Virginia and began his musical journey early on, dabbling with multiple instruments before choosing to become a guitar player. Inspired by the sounds of his father’s Fender and his guitar heroes (such as Eric Clapton), Breyfogle kick-started his guitar career by attending Berklee College of Music. One can hear a range of influences from Jazz, RnB, Blues, Pop, Soul, to Rock. Embracing unusual concepts and interesting cinematic sounds, Breyfogle strives to create a unique and immersive atmosphere; the idea is to sink fans, not only into his songs and scenarios but into one’s own personal and intimate experience. These characteristics create a depth that pulls listeners away from their headphones and throws them into stories, memories, and adventures.

Fans can stay tuned for more announcements leading up to Complexus  by following Harris Breyfogle online:
Also available on iTunes and other streaming platforms


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