Mario Casalini and Mr Raqz proudly bring you the first release from Seattle-based record label Heated and Ready Records

Sometimes when you do the right things, the pieces start to fit together. For Seattle music producer Mario Casalini getting sober was key. Making himself fully available for loved ones lead to more energy of his spent supporting friends and going to shows where he ended up meeting Mr. Raqz who is a recording studio owner and rapper from Seattle. Striking up a friendly conversation the two clicked right away. Raqz and Casalini started spending a lot of time together recording, producing and discussing music. Not only did this rapper-producer combo become business partners in running the studio full time, they also founded Heated and Ready Records and have become best friends in the process.

“Nobody Had Me” is the first release from the Seattle based record label Heated and Ready Records. With trapped out, slightly funky, bass-heavy production by Mario Casalini, fun, stylish, rhymes and energy from Mr. Raqz, music video shot and edited by Kellen Howe, you will see “Nobody Had Me”  this is a solid banger. If you would like to show support please watch, like, and subscribe to Heated and Ready Records on YouTube.

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